The role of genetics in fertility in India

The Role of Genetics in Fertility in India

Genetic Factors Influencing Fertility Genetics plays a crucial role in determining fertility and can contribute to various reproductive challenges. In India, it is essential to understand the potential genetic causes that can affect fertility. Conditions such as chromosomal abnormalities, gene mutations, hormonal disorders, and inherited conditions can all impact a couple’s ability to conceive naturally.…

IVF cost in Mumbai

IVF Treatment Cost in Mumbai

A decade ago, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) was considered as a mysterious infertility treatment procedure from which 'test-tube babies' were born. Now Infertility and its various other treatments are very common and people are quite aware of the same. Many couples are now happy as they can enjoy their parenthood through IVF, but the cause…
Infertility Overview

Infertility Overview

Being a second populated nation, India still faces another hidden struggle and that is Infertility among couples. There is a drastic decline in the fertility rate. Yes, it is good news for the overpopulated nation but its a bothersome situation for couples. As per the 2018 Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, 27.5 million couples suffer…