Common Myths Associated with Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding myths: Breastfeeding is the most natural form of nutrition that is provided by the mother to the child. It helps to ensure a healthy mother and a healthy child while ensuring a bond between them. However, many women feel hesitant to breastfeed their babies due to the numerous Breastfeeding myths and mistaken notions they have regarding the process. Let’s have a closer look at some of these myths related to breastfeeding and try to find out the truth behind them as this can certainly encourage more women to breastfeed their children.

Here are the various Breastfeeding myths:

Breastfeeding hurts

Many women who are new to breastfeeding think that breastfeeding is a tough ordeal for the mother and it can cause a lot of pain. The truth is that it does not hurt the body in the least and there is no pain.

Breastfeeding can spoil your figure

While it is true that pregnancy can have a lasting impact on your body, there is nothing to suggest that breastfeeding spoils your figure. On the other hand, it helps to strengthen the bond between the mother and the baby.

Breastfeeding can help you to lose weight

Although many women think that breastfeeding can help a woman to lose weight since a part of her body moves out in the form of breast milk, there is nothing in the medical literature to suggest that breastfeeding helps in losing the pounds.

Breastfeeding can eventually make your breasts sag

Again, such changes are actually caused by the biological changes that a woman goes through during pregnancy. The act of breastfeeding itself does not change the shape of the breasts in any way.

Breastfeeding is a hectic task

Breastfeeding is not really a hectic and tiresome task as some women believe. However, just after the pregnancy, there are a lot of hormonal changes in a woman which may cause her to feel tired and desire sleep. This may continue even after the woman has given birth. So if a woman feels tired and thinks that breastfeeding is hectic, then it is mainly due to such factors. Breastfeeding actually forms an integral part of the childcare process during the early stages of a person’s life.

Breastfeeding makes a woman feel weak

Since through breastfeeding a woman provides nutrition for baby, it is very important that the mother sticks to a healthy diet so that she has all the nutrients necessary for a healthy life. The health of the child also depends on the health of the mother. Breastfeeding does not cause any kind of weakness in a woman. However, if a woman is not having the right kind of diet, it may induce feelings of weakness.

You will feel discomfort if you breastfeed

Breast milk is created for a baby with the help of the prolactin hormone. It is the healthy form of baby food which plays a crucial role in the baby’s overall development. A woman is still going to produce milk whether or not she actively breastfeeds her child. It is important that a woman breastfeeds on a regular basis so as to avoid pains that may occur due to breast engorgement, clogged ducts and other kinds of issues.

Healthy baby food can replace breast milk

Even if the market gets all filled up with different kinds of healthy baby food products, there is truly nothing like breast milk when it comes to making sure that the nutrition needs of a newborn child are perfectly taken care of. It is nature’s way of ensuring optimum baby health.

So make sure to embrace motherhood and breastfeeding on this breastfeeding week and spread the genuine spirit of baby care.

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