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Somewhere out in the world, a little family may be growing with the help of an egg donor or families are waiting to find the right egg donor.

IVF Spring Fertility Clinic, located in Mumbai will help you navigate the decision to become an egg donor and our team of fertility professionals will keep you well informed through the process. We understand that deciding to donate your eggs is a big decision, you will have a ton of questions about the process, what to expect from the process and it is our job to help you, in making your egg donation process uncomplicated, safe and an extraordinary experience knowing you are helping build families.

Egg donors deserve serious consideration from all angles! Your wonderful perspective will help families struggling to have a baby. Choosing to donate your eggs to someone in need is an amazing and one of the most selfless, powerful act, a woman can make.

Egg Donor Requirements:

The requirement for egg donors has been determined in order to protect all the parties involved in the process.

  • Female between the ages of 21-30 (vary depending on the clinic)
  • Fertile and young
  • Physically, mentally and emotionally strong to carry forward the entire process
  • Away from genetic disorder/ hereditary diseases
  • Non- smoker, non-drug user
  • Healthy and should not have any severe diseases
  • Should have regular, monthly menstrual periods
  • Well- educated with excellent family history
  • Ready to undergo various scans, blood tests, appointments, etc.

If you check all the boxes for becoming an egg donor, please contact us right away! Fill out the egg donor application!

Documents Required:

  • Your Id proofs needed : ( Adhar Card / Pan Card Copys / Eye Color / Skin Color )
  • ( Photos : 2 is passport size & 1 is full size )


if you have any queries just contact us  +91-99200-95500