Egg freezing cost in India

Egg freezing in India

Egg freezing has become quite a trend in today’s world. Right from the world’s most popular celebrities to our favorite sportswomen, stories about how egg freezing has changed their lives are blasted all over the internet. One of the largest fertility hubs, Mumbai, India, has seen women coming from across the globe, for excellent fertility treatments, and now, to even avail superior egg-freezing services that are provided in the city. However, one of the biggest questions that most women across the globe have is ‘How much does Egg freezing cost in India?’

‘Egg Freezing allows you to plan ahead for your desired future.’

What is Egg freezing?

During the egg freezing process, mature eggs are harvested from your ovaries and frozen for later use. When desired, the frozen eggs can be thawed and fertilized in the lab, after which the embryos are transferred into the mother’s womb for implantation, using the IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) method.

Why do women freeze their eggs?

Every woman may have her own personal reasons for freezing her eggs. This can span a variety of reasons, such as medical emergencies, timing, or more. Here are some reasons why women may opt for egg freezing in Mumbai.

  • Preserving eggs for future use

 Having children is a huge responsibility, which should ideally only be taken on when ready. However, the quality and quantity of eggs in the ovarian reserve deplete over time, due to which many women opt to preserve their eggs when the quality remains intact, for future use at the right time.

  • Medical emergencies

 Cancer patients, about to undergo chemotherapy, often opt to preserve their eggs, as the radiation and medication tend to take its toll on the quality of eggs. These frozen eggs can later be used, when their body has recovered.

  • Egg Donation

 Some women opt to become egg donors, to help other couples achieve parenthood. By preserving their eggs, they can ensure that good quality eggs are used during the fertilization step.

  • Precautions and Risks

Egg donation, does, in fact, come with some risks. However, there are a few ways to minimize the chance of these complications.

  • Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS)

 Some patients’ bodies cannot handle the stress of the ovary-stimulating medication, and end up developing OHSS, which causes immense swelling, pain, and more. Checking if you may be at risk of developing this condition could greatly help.

  • Reasonable Expectations

 Using frozen eggs during IVF does not imply a 100% chance of success. Ensure that your expectations are reasonable, so as to prevent any emotional trauma at a later stage.

egg freezing in mumbai

Egg Freezing Cost in India

The egg freezing cost in India differs from city to city, clinic to clinic, and also, patient to patient. It is essential to keep a budget in mind, after which you can consult clinics to find out their female egg freezing costs, pertaining to your particular condition. Depending on the quality of your eggs, the number of eggs you wish to harvest, and more, an estimate can be calculated. Make sure to consult a clinic or agency, which can give you the most accurate estimate on the cost.

Egg freezing has helped many women utilize their power of choice, when it comes to one of the biggest responsibilities in life, motherhood. The power of Egg freezing in India is truly great, and has helped numerous infertile couples across the globe conceive with ease. Fertility clinics in Mumbai are adept at using advanced technology to conduct the procedure, achieving high success rates.

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