Experiencing Decline in sperm count? Here are some solutions!

Low Sperm Count: One of the common misconceptions – infertility problems are seen in only women as they are the one who carries the pregnancy. A man’s infertility problems are usually not paid heed to. With the fear of getting insulted in society, especially in India, men do not openly discuss their infertility related issues. Many of them do not even know that there are a lot of solutions and cure which are present for their problem. Even most of the blogs, social media and websites show concern only about female infertility. Hence we are here to talk about the common yet least-discussed problem of Low Sperm Count. Here we go!

What is Low Sperm Count?

Low sperm count or Oligospermia is a situation where a man is not able to produce sufficient amount of sperms in his semen. There should be at least 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen in a man’s body. In case there is not a single sperm present in a man’s testicle then that situation is known as Azoospermia. Studies have proved that the percentage of men suffering from Oligospermia or Azoospermia is increasing rapidly. To cure a problem, its causes should be first known! Decreased sex drive with your partner, erectile disorders, poor sperm motility, production of lower quantities of testosterone, physical illness, genetic disorders, and nutritional pollutants are accountable to infertility problems in male.

If you are suffering from Oligospermia. Then firstly you will experience certain changes in your body. The basic problem that incurs is male infertility; one will not be able to conceive a child.

Solutions for the problem!

As the low sperm count issues directly attack fertility, your dreams of becoming a father may remain unfulfilled. Take a sneak peek in some of the solutions that can help you increase your low sperm count.

Exercise regularly

We all know, there is nothing better than doing exercise to boost our health. But you should also know. Exercising increases in boosting fertility. Yes, various studies have revealed that the number of male hormones “testosterone” is increased by performing various exercises. However, you need to be careful and should not overdo the exercises or else it may leave a reverse effect and reduce the testosterone levels. So exercise in a balanced way, be physically active and notice a boost in your infertility.

Take proper physical & mental rest

Take proper physical & mental rest

If we are talking about rest, it doesn’t mean only lying down on the bed. Stress also leads to Low sperm count. Most importantly, Spend some time with your near ones, meditate, or plan a trip; do whatever makes you happy and it will automatically reduce your stress. firstly, make sure to take proper care of your mental & emotional health.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Studies have proved that wearing tight-fitting underwear and clothes gradually decreases the sperm count. Wearing tight clothing and underwear makes the testicles come closer to the body, which increases the body temperature and causes harm. Avoid wearing tight clothing; otherwise, it may hamper your sperm count.

Avoid excessive intake of alcohol and Smoke

Intake of alcohol, smoke and other drugs can be harmful to a man’s fertility. It largely affects the testicles which are responsible for producing sperm and other male hormones. Hence, avoid excessive intake of alcohol and other harmful drugs; save your testicles!

Low sperm count

Ruling out the presence of Varicocele:

Enlargement of veins leads to the occurrence of a varicocele within the scrotum. The scrotum is an essential part of a man’s genital area. that holds the testicles and if any damage occurs, it will hamper the fertility. Also, a varicocele causes a decrease in sperm production and quality.

Dealing with infertility issues is just like fighting a battle, but by following the aforementioned cures and you will be able to eradicate it to a great extent. You will also need a helping hand in the arduous situation of infertility. Choosing IVF Spring for the treatments would lead you towards the divine destination of being a parent. Connect with us now!

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