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Factors Affecting Sperm Count and Tips for Increasing them

A man’s sperm count is an important and deciding factor affecting reproduction in a positive as well as negative manner. Of course, not all the factors are in our control. However, as a widely accepted and proven fact,a man’s fertility level and his capacity to reproduce are largely dependent on his lifestyle and the health habits surrounding it. Hence, barring a few involuntarily occurring conditions, one can certainly ensure that his fertility levels, through the right sperm count, are maintained and increased. Through this blog, we would talk about some factors affecting a man’s sperm count, and the possible measures that would help maintain and increase it.

Factors Affecting Sperm Count

A low sperm count refers to the fact that when ejaculated, contains a lower amount of sperms than the ones normally required for reproduction. Low sperm count, in the medical world, is termed as oligospermia while the complete absence of sperms is known as azoospermia. Needless to say, both these factors pose an adverse effect on the man’s reproduction capacities, thus making it difficult for the couple to conceive. Nevertheless, the good news is that it is possible to increase lower sperm count. But before that, we would look at some of the factors affecting it.

Some medical conditions including infections, tumors, hormonal imbalance, certain medications, previous surgeries, could negatively affect the sperm count. However, factors leading to low sperm count, but well within the preventive and curative reach of men are as following,

  • Drugs consumption
  • Consumption of alcohol, which doesn’t directly affect the sperm count, but sparks hormonal imbalance that could further result in lowering the sperm count.
  • Excess weight, obesity and an inappropriate BMI could also result in a lowered sperm count, thus directly affecting the person’s fertility.
  • Smoking also reduces the sperm count. Men who smoke have a lower sperm count than the ones who don’t.
  • Mental stress, which has become common in the recent years, has also become a strong reason negatively affecting the sperm count.
  • Other reasons include consumption of testosterone supplements disrupting hormone production, thus adversely affecting the sperm count.

Remedies to Increase the Sperm Count

A few lifestyle changes, food habits and through a consistent exercise routine could actually make the difference. Here are some tips to increase the sperm count.

  • Sufficient sleep and daily exercise
  • Minimizing alcohol consumption, quitting smoking and any other form of harmful drugs.
  • Stress reducing exercises.
  • Avoiding certain medications including methadone, anti-androgens, etc.
  • Increasing healthy fat intake and reducing the unhealthy one.
  • Avoiding foods containing non-human estrogen.
  • Consuming garlic, broccoli, ginseng, turmeric, walnuts, etc.

Hope this blog served its purpose. Lower sperm count isn’t a serious problem, provided it is treated through relevant lifestyle changes, proper diet, and exercise. For more information or to know appropriate case specific treatments, consult Dr. Anjali Deval from IVF Spring, the best center for dealing with infertility.

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