Ovulation Disorders and Fertility

Ovulation disorders & Fertility

Ovulation is obviously important to pregnancy. Disorders in your ovulation are one of the leading causes of female infertility. Ovulation disorders are the disruption or absenteeism of ovulation. Ovulation disorders can be represented by the irregular or absent periods which needs to be confirmed with a blood test.

Why ovulation disorders cause Infertility?

Pregnancy happens when an egg is fertilized by the sperm. Ovulation disorders cause disruption or an absence of the release of eggs. If you are suffering from an ovulation disorder then the egg is rarely released or not release at all.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Ovulation Disorders can usually be identified by unusually frequent or infrequent periods. Absent menstrual cycles. Periods that last for unusually long or short duration.

Diagnosis of ovulation disorders can usually be done by discussing the patient’s menstrual cycle history. Blood test and scans can help confirm the diagnosis.

Choosing the Right Treatment for You

Ovulation disorder generally requires medicated IVF treatment to regulate your menstrual cycle. The medication dose, duration, and particulars about your case will be discussed by your doctor based on your particular history. Our tailor-made treatment plans are based specifically on your case history. Based on your history our IVF experts will suggest Natural, Natural Modified, Mild IVF treatments or conventional IVF treatments. If you are suffering from absent ovulation you can also opt for pregnancy using egg donation. Egg donation could happen from someone you know or an anonymous donation from our egg bank. You can get in touch with our consultants to know more information about our IVF via egg donation process.

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