Pelvic Adhesion

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A situation where a slippery tissue, present inside the abdomen, gets damaged and creates hindrance between the passages of the adjacent organs is known as Pelvic Adhesion or Pelvic Adhesive Disease. Generally, this slippery tissue is lubricated, allowing smooth movement and skimming of organs towards each other. However, sometimes it gets damaged or inflamed and becomes scar tissue, thus causing the two adjacent organs to stick together.

Pelvic Adhesive Disease and Infertility

It has been discovered that one of the causes of infertility is Pelvic Adhesion. The meeting of the sperm and egg is being blocked by these scar tissues as they get formed around the end of the fallopian tubes. The meeting of the sperm and egg may happen when the fallopian tubes are partially blocked. However, it will lead to an ectopic pregnancy as the fertilised embryo gets trapped. These scar tissues or adhesions also get developed on the ovaries, resulting in disrupt ovulation. There are also chances of these scar tissues getting developed inside the uterus, preventing the implantation of the fertilised egg. Hence one of the reasons behind infertility is Pelvic Adhesion.

Diagnosis of Pelvic Adhesion

To diagnose a pelvic adhesion is usually difficult. However, our doctors at IVF spring suggest you undergo laparoscopy. It is a process where our doctors will insert a narrow fiber-optic tube near your navel which will allow them to view the adhesions present in the abdominal cavity if any. This surgery will show the clear picture of the pelvic cavity and the adhesions present in it so as to cure it further.

Treatment of Pelvic Adhesion

On the basis of the cause of the disease, our doctors will recommend you to undergo treatment accordingly. If the damage is minor then it can be cured by medications. Surgery is the common treatment that is often suggested. This surgery is minimally-invasive and will let you heal quickly. Sometimes IVF (In vitro Fertilisation) treatment is also recommended to cure these adhesions.

Why IVF spring?

Going through the phase of infertility is very catastrophic. Apart from being patient and calm, knowing the cause and then curing it is very important. We at IVF spring assure you to provide the best check-up facilities, treatment for pelvic adhesion and other infertility problems.

Our highly qualified specialists will guide you according to your problem and will also counsel you to help you in this traumatic phase.

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