Recurrent Miscarriage

Also called as spontaneous abortion, miscarriage occurs due to pregnancy loss after a short span of implantation, resulting in bleeding. It is really a shattering experience a couple can have. But if this occurs repeatedly then nothing can be more devastating than this. The very thought of losing the pregnancy, after so much of love and affection devoted, is very traumatic. After dealing with one miscarriage, you may get anxious and many things would come to your mind during the pregnancy period. An immediate investigation is suggested to find out the cause of multiple miscarriages.

What is recurrent miscarriage?

Having consecutive pregnancy loss in a span of 13-20 weeks of pregnancy is referred to as recurrent miscarriage, also known as recurrent pregnancy loss. This happens generally due to the chromosomal and genetic abnormalities present in either of the parent. Also, lack of proper supply of blood inside the body can lead to recurrent miscarriage.

What causes recurrent miscarriage?

Some must know facts about Recurrent Miscarriage:

Recurrent Miscarriage Diagnosis:

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