Genetic Consultations & Counselling

Genetic Counselling & Consultations

Miscarriages and failed IVF treatment can be extremely draining, both emotionally as well as financially. If you have had multiple miscarriages during your pregnancies or if a close relative has a history of miscarriages you have to consider the option of prenatal genetic counseling.
Miscarriages are more common than you would like to believe. 1 in 6 women miscarries while 1% of women suffer from miscarriages more than thrice. As frustrating miscarriages can be to the couple it is equally frustrating to the clinicians treating them. Studies are still ongoing as to the root cause of the problem, of the issues that we know of so far, the common causes are:

  • Genetic defects of embryos
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Or womb defects

Genetic Testing Before and During Pregnancy

Medical advancements have made it possible for us to know more about our pregnancies and problems that could occur during any stage. If you would like to utilize the resources available to you to avoid these problems you have to consider opting in for a genetic testing before and during your pregnancy.

Not only does genetic testing for IVF treatment make the process safer for all involved, it significantly reduces the costs the treatment by ensuring your pregnancy happens in the first IVF cycle. Genetic testing ensures that only the healthiest, best quality embryos are used for the process.

Genetic Counselling in India as an Infertility Treatment before IVF.

Genetic testing involves the investigations of the DNA and other chromosomes to find specific traits that could lead to genetic disorders. This establishes the risks of passing on hereditary diseases in the family as well as the preventive options available for the patient. Accurate diagnosis of the family member suffering from the disease helps in guiding the team in relaying information of the sequence in the genetic code that could affect the pregnancy.

Why Genetic Testing and Counselling is so Important?

Genetic testing is primarily done to detect and prevent conditions from passing on to the next generation. The most common reasons for a genetic examination are:

  • Genetic defect identified with a possible hereditary component in the family
  • Birth of a child with an inherited defect
  • Family History of Miscarriages or Repeated Miscarriages
  • Pregnancy Planning Post oncology treatment
  • History of Cancer Diseases in the Family

Who is Genetic Counselling suitable for?

Ideally, genetic counseling is recommended for all patients. However, it can be especially beneficial for:

  • Parents Over 35 for the mother and 45 for the father
  • Patients who have shown abnormalities in ultrasound or biochemical examination
  • Family History Of Recurrent Hereditary Diseases
  • Exposure medication, X-ray, and infectious diseases

Why IVFSpring?

If you have had a family history of a certain health condition and you would like to know how it would affect your pregnancy get in touch with us soon. Our genetic specialists are highly successful in investigating genetic risks as well as informing our patients about the possible further options as well as the test results and what they mean.

Our genetic testing module ensures that we provide the most reliable information to all our patients. Although no results are 100% accurate, it provides additional information to your infertility specialist to guide your pregnancy treatment better.

Book an appointment with our Fertility consultant to discuss details about the testing process and details. Once we have assessed you and your partner, we will then be able to give you more specific advice. We will examine whether these tests and extra treatments may help you in conceiving and carrying on with pregnancy.

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