Infertility Treatment and Cost in Nigeria

Infertility is a global health problem in all the countries, including Nigeria. An increasing number of people have to fight infertility problems using natural and medical methods. Let’s talk about infertility treatment and cost in Nigeria, a country located on the western coast of Africa.

Research-based studies in Nigeria have mentioned infertility rates as high as 20% and 45%. This is alarming and efforts should be made to educate and aware Nigerian people about the treatment options currently available for infertile couples. The level of awareness and knowledge are commensurately low despite reported high demand for ART treatment practices brought about by the high rate of infertility in Nigeria and many other developing countries. Only the best IVF Centre can put an end to this problem and choosing the best IVF Center is not an easy task, especially in low-resource settings such as Nigeria, accessing assisted reproductive treatment (ART) can be challenging.

Health is a major struggle in Nigeria.!

Given the poverty that exists in Nigeria -Africa’s most populous nation with some 150 million people, it still has a large fertility problem. According to the professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Benin, in Nigeria. The prevalence of infertility in Nigeria is concerning 25%, compared to 10 to 15% in the U.S. and UK. Many infertility problems in Nigeria are related to untreated or poorly treated reproductive tract infections and the major causes of infertility in Nigeria are the tubal disease, sexually transmitted infections and hormonal abnormalities. 3.1% of Nigerian adults have HIV/AIDS.

Cultural attitude towards Assisted Reproductive Treatment.!

As infertility is not an openly-discussed topic in Nigerian cultures, fertility treatments topics are difficult to raise. Many Nigerian couples form a negative perception of assisted reproductive technologies, because of lack of cultural silence around infertility. However, there has been an increase in the perception of assisted reproductive technologies and many Nigerian couples have started looking for infertility centres.

How much does it cost for IVF in Nigeria.!

The cost of the procedure usually ranges from as little as  9,000 – 11000 USD, Cost of IVF in Nigeria could even be more or less depending on the IVF center in Nigeria and the treatment plan.  

IVF treatment in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya is critically lacking. But, when talking about fertility treatments IVF clinics in South Africa have earned a better reputation than before. Fertility clinic in Pretoria- Capital of South Africa treats patients experiencing various fertility difficulties.

Looking for Best Infertility Centre?

Tips to help you make an educated and fine choice.


  • Be ready to travel to have
    the best chances of success
  • You should not make a
    fertility clinic decision based only on location
  • Choose quality fertility
    centre having strong ethics & high success rate
  • Look for the most
    efficient & experienced clinical team
  • Always make sure that
    doctors are Board Certified
  • Go through clinics reviews
    and its success rates


“Travelling is often necessary when having IVF treatment because some areas do not have a clinic & group of doctors with a high success rate in IVF.’’

Have a look at the above points! Do you think choosing your native country for getting your infertility treatment is the best option? Think again!

To tackle this complex infertility challenge, you need to make sure the location you will be choosing for fertility treatment should be free from lack of expertise and mismanagement.

What’s missing in Nigeria?

  • Firstly -Low access to
    health care facilities
  • Secondly- No access to high-tech
    infertility treatment
  • Thirdly -Scarcity of the
  • Fourthly -Lacking
    qualified doctors

There are a number of IVF clinics in Nigeria offering IVF treatment in Nigeria, but the above -mentioned points are missing in Nigeria to ensure successful treatment. The highest number of fertility clinics in Nigeria is in Lagos- Nigeria’s largest city, IVF clinics in Lagos offers fertility treatment services.

Why India is seeing a boom in fertility tourism?  Reasons are many.!

  • Firstly, High -quality
    health care
  • Secondly,Well- trained
  • Thirdly, Cost-effective
    medical attention
  • Fourthly, New technologies
  • Quality of outcome
  • Legal liability

IVF Center in India

has successfully provided treatments to childless parents in the country as well as those from abroad, the Cost of IVF in India (Including all surgical & diagnostic procedures, test & treatments) normally ranges between 4 to 6 Lakh per cycle.


“Research has pointed out that there is a 30 per cent growth annually in medical tourism in India.”

India – A major destination for medical tourism & IVF treatment.!

 IVF treatment in India is one of the most popular and successful treatments. Patients from African countries contribute majorly to India’s medical tourism phenomenal growth. There were about 14,637 patients from Nigeria who were in India for treatment in 2013.  The growing demand and lack of supply in Nigeria have forced Nigerians to seek out medical tourism in India. In India, the expense of the entire procedure is much affordable as compared to other countries. Also, the successful conception rate has been found much higher as compared to many other fertility tourism hubs. When talking about the front runner clinics, IVF clinic in Mumbai comes to best IVF and infertility treatment centres in India. Cost of IVF in Mumbai does vary according to the case but it never goes beyond to the pocket. The average cost of IVF in Mumbai is Rs 3-5 Lakhs

We simply can’t ignore hub for fertility clinics- Mumbai. IVF treatment in Mumbai is considered as the best and with Fertility Centre IVF Spring-leading IVF Centre in Mumbai, you will surely get the best treatment. At IVF Spring Fertility Centre , Mumbai. We will answer all your questions promptly and knowledgeably. Our experienced and compassionate team will make sure to provide you with the best possible & safest treatment and will guide you before taking IVF treatment so that you can be prepared. For international patients, our international representative will be there to extend help to you. In addition, IVF Spring Clinic can make arrangements for sightseeing trips after the treatment. Ready to conceive? Schedule an appointment today with IVF Spring Centre.


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