Infertility treatment in Kenya

Infertility treatment in Kenya

Infertility is a growing problem in Kenya, as a result affecting the lives of many couples. It is not known exactly how many people in Kenya are infertile, but doctors estimate using the internationally agreed statistics that say- 10 percent of any reproductive health population is infertile.  According to the fertility experts, these numbers are on the rise with statistics being driven upwards mainly by the current lifestyles.

The Major cause of male infertility in Kenya :-

  • Firstly, Azoospermia (no sperm)
  • Secondly, Oligospermia ( low sperm)

The Major cause of female infertility in Kenya :-

  • Firstly, blocked fallopian tubes
  • Secondly, lack of ovulation

In shortNo need to lose hope! As there are various options available to get rid of these issues and choosing the best fertility clinic plays an important role in combating this issue.

According to Dr. Wanyoike Gichuhi (Senior Lecturer in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology), Kenya has about 2,000 IVF babies.

Treatment through In- Vitro-Fertilization (IVF)

In-vitro fertilization is the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology and is used to treat fertility or genetic problems and assist with the conception of a child. Your chances of having a baby using IVF depend on many factors, such as your age and the cause of infertility. So, it is very important to seek help to understand how IVF works, the potential risks and whether this method of treating infertility is right for you.

Where to seek help?

Finding the best clinic to perform your IVF treatment is a crucial factor in determining your success rate. It is important to note that your focus should not be on low-cost & nearby fertility treatment, rather the reputation and effectiveness of the treatment from the centre. There is no rule stating you have to stay in your country to have this procedure done.

India for Infertility treatment :-

 India is prominent among all the countries on the basis of its decent success rate and matchless treatment of IVF. The IVF industry in India is flourishing with skilled professional experts and the average success ratio of the IVF treatment in India is almost 70% – 80% that is too high as compared to the other country clinics. But keep in mind that the IVF success rate depends upon the severity of infertility in the couple. Taking into consideration – clinic, success rate, and cost, you will find choosing India a better option for the treatment.

Why choose India for Infertility treatment?

  • Firstly-Top & most Experienced Doctors
  • Secondly-Hassle- free process
  • Thirdly-Complete psychological Support
  • Fourthly-Success rate
  • Moreover, World-class infrastructure to provide high-quality treatment

In India, there are various places which are well recognized for various types of treatments. But you will find the best fertility care and medication in Mumbai. Metropolitan city- Mumbai is one of the most sought- after destinations for fertility treatment, also it is the finest choice for international patients as it comprises state-of-the-art equipment and extensive expertise of the most qualified infertility specialists.

It is ‘‘It is estimated that around 60 percent of the medical tourists from Kenya prefer India as their destination.’’

 All in all, the points mentioned above makes India the African continent’s chosen destination.

World Renowned Fertility Centre

IVF Spring Fertility Center located in Mumbai ensures top class IVF treatment. Not to mention, we treat you when you and your partner feel the time is right. When it comes to IVF for International Patients, IVF Spring can help you plan your first trip to India. Also, you can have a free consultation with one of our doctors before making up your mind to plan a trip to India for infertility treatment.

If you have any questions about Infertility treatment and how to travel to India while undergoing fertility treatment. Please feel free to contact us today.


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