IVF Treatment Cost in Mumbai

A decade ago, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) was considered as a mysterious infertility treatment procedure from which ‘test-tube babies’ were born. Now Infertility and its various other treatments are very common and people are quite aware of the same.

Many couples are now happy as they can enjoy their parenthood through IVF, but the cause of major concern is its costing. Yes, IVF treatment cost can get quite complicated. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about if you start learning about the financial details of the treatment and invest your time to budget and save for treatment. There are so many ways to ease the financial burden, so hang in there! Keep reading this blog!

IVF cost in Mumbai

Usually, IVF costs in Mumbai start from 60,000 rupees and go over to 5 lakh based on several other treatments, medical history, and fertility levels. Many patients compare IVF in Mumbai with other cities in India especially in terms of price. The cost of IVF in India also differs as per the locations, age of women and the number of IVF cycles. But Most Patients Prefer to travel Mumbai because of the advance technology avaibility and many other reasons like Tourist attraction.

A woman under the age of 35 with her first IVF Cycle has a 32% chance of a successful pregnancy while women over the age of 39 had to undergo 5 or more IVF cycles in order to get pregnant.

Look out for IVF treatment Plans in Mumbai at IVF Spring Plans for Older Couple

Some clinics offer IVF multiple-cycle cost plans, which would work out reasonable for older couples, as there are chances that they might need multiple IVF cycles.

Process in IVF and their Costing / IVF Treatment Cost / IVF Procedure cost in Mumbai at IVF Spring

IVF treatment cost at IVF Spring, Mumbai

When a couple chooses IVF, many aspects need to be considered; from medical factors to cost and emotional/physical state. IVF treatment is not covered by insurance and paying from one’s own pockets can be quite hard financially for middle-class families, but still affordable when compared to other IVF clinics in the city.

The cost of the IVF treatment depends on the various procedure or steps that are undertaken which influences the overall cost.IVF Treatment starts with ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval procedure, and embryo transfer.


Ovarian stimulation

Fertility drugs and hormones are injected to stimulate the ovaries. If the woman’s AMH value is low, then more medicines are required which increases the cost.

Egg Retrieval Process

Egg retrieval

When ovulation is triggered; eggs have to be retrieved surgically using the guidance of ultrasound. The patient is given anesthesia and is administered by an anesthesiologist, so the cost the same is also incurred.

Standing male and female outline

Donor Sperm/Eggs

Couples with low fertility levels, there are chances of using Donor Sperm/Eggs for IVF Treatments. Donor Sperm costs between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 12000.

Donor egg costs between Rs.28, 000 to Rs.42, 000.


Embryo Donor

A couple where one of the partners or both has a serious health condition; are advised for Embryo transfer from the Donor  The cost for the same ranges from Rs.36, 000 to Rs.54, 000.

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Frozen Embryo Transfer

Sometimes couple freezes embryos so that it can be used in the future. The cost for the same ranges from Rs.20, 000 to Rs.30, 000.

Some women prefer to freeze embryos in order to pursue a career in their 20s and 30s and then raise children in their 40s. Additional costing of Rs. 4,000 to 6,000 each year has to be spent to preserve them.

Semen Analysis

T.E.S.A. (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)

It’s a sperm extraction procedure for men who had undergone a vasectomy in the past but wish to have children presently. The cost ranges from Rs.12, 000 to Rs.18, 000.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

This procedure is done when a man has fertility issues like low sperm count or poor sperm quality.  The cost ranges from Rs. 2, 40,000 to Rs.2, 50,000 per cycle. The cost of IVF in Mumbai keeps on varying depending on various factors. Consider everything not just cost while choosing a fertility clinic for IVF treatment. Look for fertility specialists with a strong reputation and solid experience. Make sure to check reviews and check with other couples who have undergone fertility treatment. While IVF treatments are expensive but look for plans where you could get fairly reasonable expertise of the doctors and services. You could also check if there are EMI options available.

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Fertility Treatment Tourism

 IVF treatment in Mumbai at IVF Spring is extremely affordable when compared to other clinics and at par, in terms of advanced technology and that is the main reason why many couples flock to Mumbai for IVF treatments.

Things you can Check/ Control

  • Protect yourself from hidden costs; it’s always a good idea to ask questions related to cost.
  • Know what your IVF treatment Package includes; blood tests, fertility medicine, etc.
  • There are chances your first IVF cycle may not be successful so you need to undergo multiple cycles depending upon various conditions; so be ready.
  • Always get the breakdown of the IVF package as it will help you and your partner to understand infertility treatment costs in detail.
  • Getting all the queries cleared before the treatment is essential which can save your medical bills.
  • Self-IVF means using one’s own eggs and sperm hence the charges are much cheaper than the Donor Egg/Sperm.
  • Donor eggs are more expensive than donor sperm.
  • The cost of donor embryo is less as there is no need for stimulation and egg retrieval; the only cost of the readymade embryo and its transfer process is charged.

Cost of IVF Surrogacy

IVF Surrogacy is costly as all the IVF procedure, compensation and the associated expenses of the surrogate has to be paid by couples.

The success rate of IVF at IVF Spring

With the advancement of fertility treatment, the success rate has increased which has given many couples new hope of becoming parents to a healthy and happy baby.


If you are planning for IVF be ready emotionally, physically and financially. Get the estimates, make a list of what you want to discuss, bring a list of everything you take and the dose, don’t put off the things that are really on your mind –bring them up right away! So that you get the best-personalized treatment. Our Fertility Expert at IVF Spring Fertility Centre discusses precisely the expected cost of the treatment so that you can be at ease with no additional cost at a later stage. We also provide hassle-free EMI option, oh yeah! It is super affordable and can help you get the best quality treatment without any financial stress.

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