Everything You Should Know About Minimal Stimulation IVF And Natural Cycle IVF

Minimal Stimulation IVF(MS IVF) and Natural Cycle IVF Treatment(NC IVF) are called ‘mini-version’ of the normal IVF Treatment. These new advancements in IVF Treatments are much preferred by various couples seeking ART (Assisted Reproduction Technology), for a variety of reasons. These methods simply involve the use of lesser to no drugs, to stimulate the ovaries. Naturally, this reduces strain on the body to a large extent making it the go-to option for many people who do not want to put their bodies through a lot of stress. However, these procedures are not for everyone, and it is essential to know if you are a good candidate for MS and NC IVF.


In a Minimal Stimulation IVF, lesser drugs are administered to the patient, and only 2-4 eggs are collected. The eggs are then retrieved, and the treatment progresses the same way as in normal IVF. In a Natural cycle IVF Treatment, no drugs are administered. This means that the ovulation cycle takes place as normal, with only one egg being released. That egg is then retrieved from the body, and a fertilization attempt takes place in the lab. If the egg is fertilized, the embryo is transferred into the body. The success rates of these two treatments would be lower, as the number of eggs is lower, but these procedures put much less of a strain on the body.

Natural cycle IVF Treatment


  • Lower Cost:  The cost is low, making them perfect for people on a budget. Local Anesthesia, as opposed to General Anesthesia, can be used, which is also a cheaper option.
  • Increase in Comfort: The monitoring methods are easier and less frequent for MS IVF and NC IVF treatments, thereby causing lesser inconvenience to patients. The lower dose of medications also puts a lesser strain on the body.
  • Reduced Risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS): Increased dosage of medications can cause OHSS. In which there is fluid buildup in the body, leading to various complications. Fewer medications reduce the risk of OHSS. This a great advantage for patients with PCOS. As they run a greater risk of facing this problem during conventional IVF Treatments.

MS IVF and Natural cycle IVF Treatment are great options if you are looking for a convenient and less stressful ART. However, it is important to find out if you are a good candidate for these methods, before progressing with treatment. Make sure to consult a good fertility centre to determine your fertility rate.

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