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Laparoscopic Treatment For IVF in Mumbai? What is the success rate?

Laparoscopy, a procedure not often given much credit, has proven to be incredibly useful in diagnosing and treating conditions related to infertility. Many patients suffering from infertility often have a condition which when treated or taken care of, can boost their chances of parenthood. The benefits of Laparoscopy for infertility are immense. Here is why a Laparoscopy surgery might do wonders for your condition.

“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”

 What is Laparoscopy?

A Laparoscopy is both, a diagnostic procedure, as well as a treatment. When used to diagnose conditions, the surgeon gets a view of the abdominal area, without having to perform an open surgery. Small incisions are made, with through which a Laparoscope (a small telescopic camera with a light at the end) is inserted. The surgeon can get a real-time view of the organs on a monitor in the room. Biopsy samples can also be collected at the time. Being minimally invasive, there is lesser recovery or downtime. As a treatment, a Laparoscopy can help treat a variety of conditions, the biggest one being Endometriosis. A Laparoscopy helps get rid of the excess tissue which causes the condition and gives women a boost of fertility. It also helps treat fibroids, cysts, incontinence, and more.

laparoscopy for ivf

Advantages of Laparoscopy

Laparoscopic surgery in Mumbai has numerous advantages. These are general benefits that patients get from Laparoscopy:

  • Helps to diagnose numerous causes of infertility.
  • It is used to treat conditions like Endometriosis, Polyps, etc.
  • Lesser pain during and after the procedure.
  • Minimally invasive, with only 2 small incisions needed to be made.
  • Faster recovery from the procedure.
  • Lesser risk of contracting an infection.

 Before and After Care

Some precautions to take before the procedure are:

  • Avoid taking any blood thinners like Aspirin, etc.
  • Reduce anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Reduce Potassium intake.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol before the procedure.

Once the procedure is complete, here are some tips for you to ensure that there are no complications:

  • Avoid any kind of heavy exercise.
  • Report any signs of infection to the doctor.
  • Keep a track of blood loss and consult your doctor.

 Cost of Laparoscopy:

The cost of Laparoscopy for infertility in Mumbai depends on the kind of procedure you are going for (Diagnostic or Treatment). Moreover, the severity of your condition will also give you an estimate on the Laparoscopy for infertility cost in Mumbai you will incur. However, Laparoscopy is quite budget-friendly and falls into a medium price range.

 Success rate of Laparoscopy:

Laparoscopies have a fairly high success rate, due to their minimally invasive and straightforward nature. However, like any other medical treatment, the success rate is defined by your age, health, and severity of the condition. After a thorough diagnosis, an estimate laparoscopy for infertility success rate can be determined.

A Laparoscopy is a great option to take care of fertility issues that women face. In some cases, the cause of infertility may not be permanent, and can easily be tackled, with also boosts the success of natural and assisted conception methods.

A Laparoscopy can help avert fertility issues in women across the world, by diagnosing and treating conditions in a straightforward and minimally-invasive procedure. The procedure can help boost the chances of success in IVF and other treatments as well.

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