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Oncofertility: Cancer is a devastating disease that takes all hope away from a person. Now that science has advanced so much, we can see very high survival rates. But did you know treatments like radiation; chemotherapy etc can lead to early menopause or even damage your ovary? Often treatment of cancer leads to premature ovarian failure.Which is a loss of normal reproductive function in a person’s body. The shocking fact is that even though people are more aware of cancer and its treatment, they lack awareness about premature ovarian failure.

Oncofertility is a research that focuses on fertility preservation options. Oncofertility focuses on preserving fertility prior to cancer treatment thus spreading a ray of hope for healthy family life after survival. It also has various programs for cancer patient’s reproductive complications after treatment like complex contraception, hormonal management, surrogacy etc.

Risks of infertility during Cancer Treatment:

  1. One of the most common symptoms is early menopause or an irregular menstrual cycle.
  2. Pelvic or abdominal surgery during cancer treatment can damage your ovaries.
  3. A decrease in sperm count or sterility.
  4. Miscarriages.

A cancer patient does not have to lose hope of having children later on since Oncofertility has a lot of pre-treatment options for infertility.

Sperm Freezing:

Freezing the sperm is a very easy process for male cancer patients prior to their treatment.

Egg/Embryo/Ovarian Tissue Freezing:

Oncofertility Egg Freezing

This is a very similar process to sperm freezing. This option is being chosen by women prior to cancer treatment. Thus the frozen egg/embryo/ovarian tissue can be used whenever they want to in the future.

Ovarian Transposition:

This is a process where a patient’s fallopian tubes and ovaries are detached from the uterus and attached to the wall of the abdomen, thus they are intact and far away from the radiation once the treatment starts.

Some of the Post-Treatment Options are

Post-Treatment Options

  1. Donors
  2. Assisted Reproduction.
  3. Surrogacy.

So the first thing you must be aware of is the causes and effects, before the treatment. Even if you have completed the treatment you do not have to fret since science has a solution to almost all your problems. Get an appointment with the nearest oncologist or a fertility expert like IVF Spring Fertility Centre, Mumbai to gain complete knowledge about Oncofertility. Discuss your health issues pre or post-cancer treatment and your chances of infertility that can be caused by the treatment. They will help you in deciding your course for healthy reproduction.

Cancer is never an end to your life. It cannot destroy you but will only make you stronger. Hence all you need is strong will power and a good team of health-care experts who will guide you throughout by keeping you updated on every single detail.

If you need any further information on oncofertility book an appointment with IVF Spring the best fertility centre in Mumbai, where a team of expert doctors will guide you and help you achieve your dream of having your own family.

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