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Pregnancy tips for summer

Becoming a mother is a blessing as you have a life growing inside you. It’s a living miracle, growing, and taking shape inside your womb. However, pregnancy comes with lots and lots of responsibilities, care, and precautions. Especially in the summer season it gets difficult to survive while being pregnant. You are uncomfortable all the time, and the heat only adds to your suffering. Here are some summer pregnancies tips that you need to adapt to your daily routine.

Be hydrated:

The blazing sun can drain your body and a dehydrated mother means a dehydrated baby, which can be fatal to both of them. Make sure that you drink at least 10 glasses or approximately 23 liters of water every single day. It is understandable that no pregnant woman would like to visit the bathroom so frequently. But, if you will stay hydrated, you will also stay cool and comfortable.

Healthy Meals:

The right food can make the summers much more bearable for the mother. Make it a point to avoid foods that are too greasy or those that are too sweet. Focus on raw fruits and vegetables. Salads are good and so are meats like salmon and lean chicken. Such a diet will prevent bloating and will keep you active.

Stay cool:

It’s a no-brainer. It’s summer! Keeping yourself cool is important for maintaining your hydration levels and preventing sunstroke. Make sure that you stay inside and in a perfectly cooled room. Try to go out in the mornings and evenings, or carry an umbrella with you if you have to go out in the noon.

Dress according to the weather:

Fill up your wardrobe with cotton, cotton and more cotton. Wear airy and loose clothes that allow the breeze to cool you. Avoid wearing synthetic or layered clothes.

Take care of your feet:

Yes, your feet! They take one hell of a beating when you are pregnant and summers can be particularly painful. The best exercise is swimming. You get to soak in the water and your feet get the exercise they need.

Hair care during summer:

Wash your hair more often to keep cool. Short hair feels amazing during the summers. But, if you have long hair, keep them tied to stay away from that irritating sweat under the hair.

Skincare during summer:

What you need are skin care products that contain cucumber, aloe vera, and are not oil-based.

Exfoliate regularly and wear sunscreen religiously. Sunburns and acne are the last things you need when you are in your pregnancy period.

Exercise at the right time:

ExerciseA good amount of exercise is essential during pregnancy. You can do loads of summer activities in pregnancies like brisk walking, weights, and more. However, in summers you also have to be careful when you exercise. It should be either early in the morning or late in the evening. Working out indoors at a cooling temperature is also desirable.

Limited outdoor activity during hot hours:

Whether you have to go out with your girlfriends, to shop, or have to run an errand, make sure that you choose the timings smartly. Minimize the time you spend outside when it’s hot. It gets you all dehydrated and sweaty, which is uncomfortable and no pregnant woman wants that.

Proper rest and sleep:

Nothing beats a session of good and uninterrupted sleep when you are pregnant. Keep the room cool and wear comfortable clothes. You do not have to worry about the uneasiness, the heat, or anything else. Just pull the drapes down and turn yourself off.

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