IVF procedure

What is a Test Tube Baby

What is a test tube baby? Common questions from IVF patients

Test Tube Baby: IVF stands for in vitro fertilization, and it is a process by which a woman is made pregnant by the fertilization of her egg by a sperm outside her body in a scientifically controlled environment. This breakthrough technology has allowed many couples to experience the joys of parenthood even though they are…
IVF Cycle Details

Processes Involved in the IVF Cycle – IVF Cycle Details

The IVF cycle - It starts with the woman’s menstrual cycle, continuing until the embryo transfer process. Followed by pregnancy tests confirming pregnancy.  At IVF Spring, IVF treatment is a completely safe, reliable and result-oriented process. Here’s more to the processes involved in IVF cycle. First step -preparation of the ovaries for egg extraction takes…
Worried about Recurrent Implantation Failure? Know

Worried About Recurrent Implantation Failure? Know More!

“Everything comes to you at the right moment. Be patient!” Recurrent Implantation failure – the worst nightmare for the couples undergoing treatment! You have already come a long way from the arduous journey of infertility to this stage where you may be just one step behind towards parenthood. But this is the time where you…