Surrogacy treatment in India

surrogacy in india

Surrogacy: A Flourishing Sector In India

Surrogacy in India: As medical tourism has been gaining popularity across the world, many forms of medical tourism have been cropping up, such as fertility tourism and surrogacy tourism. Surrogacy tourism, in particular, is an interesting topic, considering the varying laws on surrogacy around the world. It involves destinations where surrogacy is legal. Couples travel…
Surrogacy In India Or Surrogacy In U.S.A

Surrogacy In India Or Surrogacy In U.S.A?

Surrogacy Treatment in USA: Surrogacy in India has skyrocketed in the past decade. The constantly growing industry constitutes a large chunk of India’s revenue, making it a highly lucrative sector in the country. However, looking at the statistics, U.S.A and India seem to be in a stiff competition to one-up the other.The question that most…