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The trend of medical tourism for IVF treatment in India


Medical tourism is a very popular trend in the world. Plenty of people travel to other parts of the world for the purpose of medical tourism. The concept of people going to other countries and faraway lands for receiving medical care can be described as medical tourism. However, medical tourism not simply involves sitting in a doctor’s office for the whole day. Travellers can also make their trip memorable by sightseeing, performing a lot of interesting activities, taking day trips as well as participating in other kinds of traditional tourism activities. People opt for medical tourism as it can be a cost-effective way to explore new places while at the same time avail of specific types of medical treatments.

India as a destination for IVF treatment

One of the most common reasons for going for a medical tourism is that it allows people to avail cost-effective in vitro fertilization in India. India is one of the countries that has got highly developed medical infrastructure when it comes to dealing with infertility cases. In fact, India was the second country in the world back in 1978 to perform an IVF treatment successfully. Therefore it is not surprising that India has some of the best IVF clinics in the world. IVF in India is also quite cost-effective since the technology should be made available to people in India who cannot always afford to pay such high costs. Therefore plenty of men and women come to India every year for availing top-notch IVF solutions.

IVF prices in USA and India

Even in the United States, there are many couples who struggle with infertility and they would like to avail of IVF treatment that can help them to have a child of their own. IVF treatment US can cost more than $15000, which can be rather hard for many couples to afford. Therefore they do come to India since in this part of the world the costs are quite affordable. In fact, the medical fees required for IVF in India is between $2500 and $5000, which is much less than IVF in the US. This has certainly led to the growth of an extensive medical tourism industry for couples in the USA who are looking to come to India and find a clinic that offers the best IVF solutions at cost-effective rates.

India offers the best IVF treatment

When it comes to IVF treatment, it is very important to choose a reliable fertility center that can offer top quality medical solutions. IVF Spring is a highly reputable infertility clinic that can offer some of the finest IVF treatments to couples from all parts of the world. The experts in IVF Spring can perform thorough medical consultation, monitoring and medication before the egg retrieval process are carried out. The couple from the US can also take the time out to explore the surroundings and enjoy the best of what India tourism has to offer. Couples looking for better solutions than IVF in the USA can rely on IVF Spring that is known to offer international quality services. Dr. Anjali Deval is a well known IVF treatment specialist who has more than 15 years of professional experience and she can offer the finest medical expertise.

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