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The Woman Who Founded Mother’s Day Wasn’t A Mother You Are Not Alone!

“A mother is she who can take place of all others but whose place no one else can take”

As the mother’s day is arriving, you must be thinking to hide in your house or switch off your phone to avoid the contact from people that may remind you of your tough state of infertility. However, there is something you really need to know!

Anna Jarvis, the woman who founded mother’s day wasn’t a mother herself. Yes, you are reading it right. She founded this day to celebrate the STRUGGLES that her mother faced. Nothing better can be an inspiration for you to smile on mother’s day. This day is celebrated to acknowledge the struggles of a mother, and we all know that nothing has more hardships and struggles than the state of infertility. So all the courageous women out there, who are depressed for not being able to celebrate mother’s day, this day is totally for you and your struggles that you are facing in the difficult stage of infertility.

You are not alone!

One thing you should be very clear with, you are not alone! According to the demographics, there are around 48.5 million couples in the world who are dealing with the same situation as you. The adversities of infertility affect everyone’s mind, heart and soul. But as it is said that every problem has a solution, it is the same in the case of infertility.

With the progressions in Medical Science, infertility can be treated with the help of various methods, one of them being IVF treatment. At IVF Spring Fertility Center, the process of IVF and other essential fertility treatments are being carried by the team of best fertility specialists and gynecologists headed by Dr Anjali Deval, who has an experience of more than 15 years in helping the couples to fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

Keep Calm!

Seeing flowers, greeting cards, and mother’s day celebrations all around wherever you go may bother you inside. You must be in a very tough position, but as mentioned above this is the day to celebrate your struggles that you have undergone during the state of infertility. Just take a deep breath and think positive of celebrating the next mother’s day with your baby in your arms.

Here are some small yet helping tips for all the women struggling with infertility – this mother’s day:

  • Recognize your feelings! It is completely fine to be sad and frustrated at this stage, suppressing your emotions is a big No-No.
  • Talk to yourself. Yes, compassionate self- talk and not the one in which you curse yourself.
  • Talk and spend quality time with your partner, he is the first one who can surely empathize with you.
  • You can choose to go to a spa or a salon and pamper yourself or watching a comic movie would also do good.
  • Don’t confine yourself in a room or else it will fill more negativity in you.

Do not lose hope!Do not lose hope

You must be tired of hearing dialogues of “Be positive” or “Everything will be fine” from your peers. However, you cannot deny that keeping positive hope will help you in a better way to reach your destination of parenthood. There are some couples who are happy parents of a child, who once have failed more than twice in their IVF or infertility treatments. Talking to couples who are dealing with the same situation will help you to be stronger.

The feeling of motherhood is truly exceptional in this world. To experience this blissful feeling, book an appointment now with IVF Spring Fertility Center Mumbai, where patients have witnessed highest success rates in their treatments with no side effects. For more details, connect with us.

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