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Things to keep in mind after Embryo Transfer


As a woman who is trying to get pregnant through IVF, it is important to know the do’s and don’ts after embryo transfer, as this is a vital stage in your life. Adhering to certain safety measures and lifestyle patterns will help to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy. Here is the best advice after embryo transfer that you must follow:

Take it easy

It is actually harmful to be on complete bed rest after the embryo transfer. However, you can still relax and take it easy after the embryo transfer while you wait to be declared pregnant. It is extremely important that you nurture yourself during this stage. You can go for walks or catch up on some of your favorite TV programs. Make sure to ask your doctor about the precautions after embryo transfer that you need to follow.

Take your medications

Make sure that you take your medications, just as they have been prescribed. These medications will help to regulate the hormones in your body and prepare you for a healthy pregnancy.

Do not perform rigorous exercises or sexual intercourse

While you do not have to refrain from all normal activities, it is advisable that you do not perform any kind of high-impact exercise just after you have gone through an embryo transfer. Your ovaries at this stage are likely to be tender and enlarged and must be protected. Indulging in a rigorous exercise routine can stimulate uterine contractions that can be harmful to your body. You should also avoid sexual intercourse which may have the same effect of uterine contractions.

Watch your eating habits

Once you have undergone an embryo transfer process, it is important that you stick to a balanced and nutritious diet as it can help you to create a healthy baby. Make sure that you include a lot of fibers, proteins, and vegetables. Steer clear of foods such as soft cheeses and high-mercury fish. You should also check with the doctor about taking any vitamins or additional supplements that you may need. Make sure to include folic acid in your diet. Avoid all kinds of harmful substances like caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.

what to do after an embryo transfer

Use acupuncture

Acupuncture can help in preparing your uterus prior to the embryo transfer. It can also be useful to minimize the frequency of uterine contractions as well as to aid implantation during the transfer. Acupuncture treatments after the transfer can help in implantation and also keep your mood calm. Acupuncture can also help in getting rid of discomfort and cramps in the lower abdomen.

Stay away from temperature extremes

Make sure that you avoid heat, as it increases your internal temperature which can be detrimental for you during this stage. Hot tubs, hot yoga, saunas and other similar activities are something that you should not indulge in. It is also advisable to avoid being submerged in tubs and pools at this time, since it increases the risks of infection.

Stay in a positive frame of mind

A major advice after embryo transfer is to stay mentally healthy and happy. During this stage of your life, you must have the full support and love of your partner, friends, family, support groups, fertility clinic, and therapist. You may also seek the help of an online community to support you during this time. It is extremely important that you avoid anxiety at all costs during this stage. Make sure that you laugh a lot and be in a positive mind frame at all times. Do not attempt to shoulder the stress alone. Allow other people to cheer you up as you eagerly wait to know if the embryo implantation process was successful.

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