Travel & accommodation for fertility treatment

Travel & Accommodation For Fertility Treatment

Traveling to IVF Spring Fertility Center

It is a fact that couples desiring to build a family travel from all parts of the globe to IVF Spring Fertility Centre.

As a centre that caters to international patients, we have on our team expert doctors and adequately-trained staff to deliver world-class care. We are also attached to several premier research institutes to be in touch with cutting-edge technologies in the field of assisted reproduction. International patients can get in touch with the hospital and fertility specialists to fix a series of appointments, phone bookings and consultations.

Over 50 percent of the patients that visit us are from outside the city of Mumbai. One-fourth of all our patients are from outside the country. Therefore, we are well trained to deliver specialized care to those patients that travel from afar to meet and consult with us. To ensure a trip that is hassle-free, we at IVF Spring have appointed ‘Travel Managers’ that would take care of all the patients’ travel needs. They work to make your complete trip to be a memorable one: it starts with receiving you, our client, at the airport, ensure that your hospital stay is comfortable, arrange local transport for you, make your hotel bookings, arrange local sightseeing trips for you, ensures that your tickets and visa are in place, and even help you pick up takeaway gifts for your people at home. Your time will, therefore, be spent in an efficient manner before and after the treatment sessions.

Travel and Stay:

Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in India and it is easy to come to the city. It has an international airport, well-linked train networks and a metro rail. Mumbai has a fair share of fine restaurants, museums, upmarket shopping malls, other cultural activities and a bustling nightlife. A patient can spend a memorable holiday in the city while under treatment.

IVF treatment for international patients is a day-care activity and there is no hospitalization requirement for the patient. Some parts of the treatment require a couple of procedures that take place over two days. If you happen to live far away from the fertility center, it may be more convenient to stay close during such times. Taking up local accommodation may also be helpful in those cases when they have to report early in the morning for treatment.

As far as accommodation is concerned, there is a wide range of stay options that are available very close to the fertility center: hotel rooms, motels, serviced apartments, etc.

Travel officers of IVF Spring will ensure that your stay is located close to the fertility center so that the least amount of time is wasted in travel. The Mumbai fertility clinic is located close to the International Airport at Mumbai.

Stay Period:

The treatment trips to the clinic last for about 2 weeks. The entire treatment cycle requires that the patient makes 4 to 6 trips to the center. Then after the embryo is transferred the patient can fly back home. The patient can interact with us for any information via email at

The patient can arrange to have all the preliminary tests done at their own places and therefore, with advance planning, the patient will be required to spend only 10 to 15 days at our fertility center to complete a cycle of IVF treatment.


The fertility center’s International Patient Services department can arrange an interpreter of your choice in any of these languages for your convenience: German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Swahili, etc. You can send us a mail at for any assistance in this matter or fill up the inquiry form on our website page.

Contact us for any clarifications that you may need on the international program for patients outside India to make the trip a convenient and memorable one.

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