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Treatment with Donor Eggs

On one hand, where the awareness about the IVF and some other fertility treatments are growing, egg donation still remains a taboo for many despite its many benefits. According to statistical data, around 15% of women use donor egg fertility treatment. And the reason is no brainer. Egg quality is one of the major factors for a successful IVF. If the egg quality is not at par due to reasons such as the age of the woman, health factors etc. then the success rates of IVF goes down. This is where IVF process using Donor Eggs can prove fruitful and can increase a couple’s chances of successful pregnancy.

What is IVF using donor eggs?

IVF process with donor eggs can be useful for women who have fertility problems and still want to bear a child. The egg donation process requires the eggs to be donated anonymously by an egg donor. The process is same as the IVF apart from the donation part.

What are the advantages of ‘IVF using donor eggs’ with us?

IVF Spring is one of the best egg fertility treatments in Mumbai due to the following reasons:

Rigorous screening criterias

Our donors are thoroughly screened so as to make sure that we are using only the best and high-quality eggs for transfer. The screening is done by our experienced team.

Low-dose drug protocols

Our facilities offer some of the most comprehensive and successful storage programs. We follow low-dose drug protocols so that the eggs are kept in the as natural environment as possible. This helps reduce the risks for both the intended parents and the doctor.

Quality of the eggs

Our treatment protocol also improves quality of the eggs and facilitates in a safe and successful implantation. We freeze and keep every embryo individually (and not in multiple) for future use.

Who should consider donor egg IVF?

Here are some of the couples who should consider Donor egg fertility treatment:

What is the process of IVF with donor eggs?

Egg Donor Application

First, a doctor will assess the womb and the lining of the uterus. A doctor will then goes through your medical history and formulate a personalized treatment plan. You are then counselled about all the possible medical and psycho-social implications of the process.

Suppression and Ovarian Stimulation

Once you are comfortable with the procedure, the egg donor is matched according to your preferences. According to ICMR guidelines, the donor is anonymous. Medication will be given to you so as to match your cycle with the donor. The donor is also given medication for stimulating her ovaries.

Endometrial Development for the Recipient

An endometrium of 7 mm is required for a successful donor egg cycle. The recipient is given medication to achieve this thickness.

Egg Retrieval and Fertilization

Once the donor’s eggs have developed, a short office procedure is done to retrieve the eggs from her uterus. With the help of sedation, physicians will use aspiration needle to transvaginally retrieve the eggs from the donor. The eggs are then, fertilized with the sperm collected from the recipient. The embryos that are produced are incubated.

Embryo Transfer

Normally, embryos are transferred on day 3 after egg retrieval. Sometimes, it can also be day 5. The checkup is done to make sure that the donor is recovering properly from ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval.

Pregnancy Test

Recipients will have a pregnancy test done 2 weeks after the embryo transfer via a blood test to measure the levels of HCG in her blood.

Hormone support is provided during initial months of pregnancy to help maintain the pregnancy and reduce the rate of miscarriage or Down’s syndrome.

Why IVF Spring?

IVF Spring Fertility Center offers one of the best donor egg fertility program in Mumbai that has a high success rate by utilizing the team approach. We follow stringent guidelines to make sure that all the donors are thoroughly screened by our professional staff.

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