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We all know that infertility can be extremely stressful. It can cause anxiety to the extent that there is more of a mental anguish leading to sadness, pain, and guilt. It isn’t just the person suffering from infertility though that is a victim, it is the entire family. Research shows families of victims of infertility also suffer from mental side effects.

IVF Spring Fertility Center in Mumbai is regarded as the best IVF Center in Mumbai due to the holistic approach they take to the treatment. We care for not only the body but the mind as well. We instill the belief in all our patient that they are not alone in their struggle to conceive a child. Stress-inducing moments have been known to cause detrimental side effects to a woman’s fertility so it is extremely important that she try and remain as calm and as stress-free as possible.

IVF Spring Fertility provides its patients with a comfort zone where they are able to explore their feelings. We have a patient care support group that helps patients cope with their problems. Since different men and women react differently to different situations, supportive counseling at IVF Spring is available at all stages of the infertility treatment process. All our counseling sessions, whether it is individual or as a couple as extremely confidential. It is a safe space for all people to discuss their feelings and help them gain a better perspective on their life.

Our counseling services are provided to support you in the right way. Our patients are an extended part of our family and we treat them with the right kind of love care and support. Just the knowledge of having someone they can turn to is sometimes enough for most patients to get through the fertility treatment process.

Our counseling extends to not just the patients but their families as well. Here at IVF Spring Fertility Center, we’re all one big family. In case you notice some members of your family not being able to deal with the process in a healthy manner you can always refer them to our counselors. The support extends from your spouse to other family members.

The choice of counseling is yours; the promise to heal is ours. Honest Communication with empathy and trust are the building blocks of the relationship that we form with our patients. Rest assured knowing that we are here to help in any way, every day.

FAQs related to Genetics Testing Program

What is a genetics testing program?

A genetics testing program is a comprehensive approach to genetic testing that includes pre-test counseling, test selection, and post-test counseling.

What are the benefits of a genetics testing program?

A genetics testing program can help identify genetic risks, inform medical decisions, and provide emotional support and guidance.

Who should consider a genetics testing program?

Individuals with a family history of genetic disorders, those with symptoms suggestive of a genetic disorder, and those considering starting a family may benefit from a genetics testing program.

What types of genetic tests are included in a genetics testing program?

Tests can include carrier screening, prenatal testing, cancer genetic testing, and whole exome sequencing.

What is pre-test counseling?

Pre-test counseling involves discussing the benefits and limitations of genetic testing, as well as potential emotional and psychological effects of the results.

How is the appropriate genetic test selected?

The selection of a genetic test is based on factors such as the individual's personal and family history, symptoms, and age.

What is post-test counseling?

Post-test counseling involves discussing the results of genetic testing and their implications for the individual and their family.

How are genetic testing programs regulated?

Genetic testing programs are subject to regulatory oversight by agencies such as the FDA and CMS.

How much does a genetics testing program cost?

Costs can vary widely depending on the type and number of tests performed, as well as insurance coverage.

Can genetic testing programs be used for non-medical purposes?

While genetics testing programs are primarily used for medical purposes, they can also be used for non-medical purposes such as ancestry testing. It is important to choose a reputable provider and understand the limitations of such testing.

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