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Are you thinking to build a family?  Are you in search of “donor”? Confused about the IUI with donor sperm process? Don’t you worry! IVF Spring Centre is here to help you with this informative content, all your questions will be answered, just be patient and keep reading!

IUI with donor sperm (intrauterine insemination) is a simple procedure that puts sperm directly inside the uterus, which helps healthy sperm get closer to an egg. But in IUI with donor sperm, you use donor sperm in the process, not your own sperm; the reason for using donor sperms can be many. Example – facing problems in making healthy sperm, poor motility, a genetic problem which could be inherited from the male, etc. The main difference between IUI with donor sperm and with the husband’s sperm is the use of frozen egg.

“IUI treatment with donor sperm is a quicker treatment procedure than IVF.”

Using a sperm Donor, (IUI) benefit

  • Using Donor for your IUI treatment could help you to fulfil your dreams of becoming a parent
  • It can protect your coming child from genetically transmitted diseases

“IUI with donor sperm is needed for a plethora of reasons.”

While the process of IUI and IUI with donor sperm remains the same, the process of choosing sperm donor for IUI is a little complicated, you need to keep in mind that you select the right donors and for that finding a good clinic is utmost important. How you can find the right donor? Keep in mind these points –

  • Contact the best fertility clinic and carefully research their donor screening process
  • Ask as many questions you can about the donor, about their medical history/information, family medical history, lifestyle, physical attributes, etc.
  • The selected donor should be medically evaluated

“Donor sperm can be used in IUI. If a partner’s sperm count is very low or if the individual is single or in a same-sex relationship. The donor can be known or anonymous.”

“In every sperm donation process, a sperm donor vial is produced once a week during a period of between three to six months, also the blood tests are necessary at the very beginning of the process.”

Those who may choose to use IUI with donor sperm treatment include:

  • Those whose male partner has no fixable sperm
  • Single or Lesbian women
  • Difficult cases of male factor infertility

IUI with donor sperm

Most patients attempting to conceive with donor sperm opt for IUI with donor sperm treatment. In which the donor sperm is delivered directly to the uterus, on the day of the procedure, the clinic laboratory thaws the donor sperm, performs a count and evaluates the percentage of motile sperm to make sure the best possible is selected.

Note – Make sure to seek legal advice before the IUI with donor sperm process. Also, your selected donor should have tests for certain infections such as syphilis, hepatitis B, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, etc.

 Risks associated with IUI with donor sperm

Just like IUI treatment, with IUI with donor sperm treatment the risks involved are same and the risks are minimal, like- uterine cramping, infection. The chances of infection are exceedingly low; also the cramping is very mild.

IUI sperm for IUI treatment  

IUI sperm requires processing, so it slightly more expensive than other types of sperm.

Note – The IUI with donor sperm treatment can cost you more, still IUI is considerably cheaper treatment.”

Advise for IUI with donor sperm treatment

  • Make sure you accept donor sperm only from sperm banks
  • The sperm banks themselves should be licensed
  • The fertility clinic should be licensed
  • Look for a wide variety of donors from all backgrounds


You must undertake an implication session before the treatment. It can be of great help and very valuable in ensuring that you have fully explored the implications of having a child by using IUI with donor sperm treatment. It is crucial to know what the process will involve, how it will affect you? And what risks are involved? Also, to be ready psychologically is important, you should be ready to move forward with using donor sperm, all fears and questions should be openly discussed.

Success rates of Donor Sperm IUI

Success rates differ from 60%-80% but achieving pregnancy may take many cycles. Also, just like any other fertility treatment, the success rates of IUI with donor sperm procedures depend on a wide range of factors, including the health of the donor, age etc.

“The success rate of IUI with the husband’s sperm is 12-16%, while it grows to 18-22% if donor sperm is used.”

Some points on using donor sperm for IUI

  • Donor sperm is normally used with low tech assisted reproduction, also called IUI or intrauterine insemination.
  • Consider banking enough sperm to build an entire family, as sperm from the same donor may not be available later on
  • A donor sperm pregnancy is typically 10 times cheaper than the typical adoption process
  • Also, the process is faster than the typical adoption process


 What is the average cost of IUI with donor sperm?

The cost can vary from clinic to clinic; also vary from city to city. Also, some clinics may offer discounts to those who achieve pregnancy on the first or second try for future insemination cycles.

 Can I give IUI with donor sperm a try after failed IVF?

 Yes! This is the common practice after having tried several times with the husband’s sperm.

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