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The Bill and Apprehensions:

  • Altruism ignores the physical and emotional labour of the surrogate mother and does not take into consideration post-partum issues, whether mental or physical.


  • The current Bill bans live-in couples, homosexual, trans people, and singles from opting for surrogacy. This makes the current law discriminatory towards a group of citizens, making it a gross violation of Article 14 of the Constitution (Right to Equality).


  • The provisions of the current Bill, legalises altruistic surrogacy, citing chances of lesser exploitation. However, the exploitation of women (for commercial or non- commercial reasons) can happen within altruistic practices of surrogacy as well.


  • Permitting women to provide reproductive labour for free to another person but preventing them from being paid for it is unfair and arbitrary.


  • The Bill also closes all avenues of imparting opportunities for international surrogacy. Foreigners and non- resident Indians (NRIs) are excluded.


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Married Couple Surrogacy related FAQs

What is married couple surrogacy?

Married couple surrogacy is a fertility treatment where a woman carries a baby for another married couple. The intended parents provide their own eggs and sperm, which are fertilized through IVF and then transferred to the surrogate mother.

Who can opt for married couple surrogacy in Mumbai?

Married couples who are unable to carry a baby to term due to medical reasons can opt for surrogacy. This includes couples where the female partner has had a hysterectomy, multiple failed IVF attempts, or a medical condition that makes pregnancy impossible.

What is the legal process for married couple surrogacy in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, surrogacy is legal for married heterosexual couples who have been married for at least 5 years. The couple must obtain a surrogacy agreement and a certificate of medical necessity from a registered fertility clinic.

How is the surrogate mother selected for married couple surrogacy in Mumbai?

The surrogate mother is selected based on several factors, including medical history, age, and willingness to undergo the surrogacy process. The fertility clinic may also conduct psychological and medical evaluations to ensure that the surrogate mother is a suitable candidate.

What are the success rates for married couple surrogacy in Mumbai?

The success rates for married couple surrogacy vary depending on several factors, including the age of the female partner and the quality of the eggs and sperm used. However, the success rates are generally high for couples who undergo surrogacy with a reputable fertility clinic in Mumbai.

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