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Understanding your ovulation cycle and being able to monitor rigorously can be the first step towards conceiving naturally. Having the right kind of information can be extremely important towards you becoming a parent. Natural cycle monitoring can be your first easiest form of assisted conception. IVF Spring Fertility provides the best in class follicular tracking services in Mumbai, India.

What is Natural Cycle Monitoring?

The process of testing and understanding the days during your menstrual cycle in which you are most fertile is known as natural cycle monitoring or follicular tracking or ovulation cycle tracking. It determines the optimal time during your cycle to conceive naturally through sexual intercourse. No medication or drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries. Only observation and assessment of the growth and maturation of the Graafian follicles is done. This is achieved through ultrasound examinations and requires at least three visits to the fertility expert at IVF Spring Fertility in Mumbai.

Future treatment and advice is given based on the results of your ovulation cycle tracking where we gather information about your physiological menstrual cycle, ovulation, luteal phase and hormonal changes.

Advantages of natural cycle monitoring

It is Safe

No severe medications are used in natural cycle monitoring procedure and therefore the treatment is safe and not susceptible to any of the side effects.

It is Easy

Natural Cycle Monitoring is a simple and straightforward procedure. It is consequently a stress-free procedure.

It is Affordable

Among the different forms of assisted reproductive technology (ART), natural cycle monitoring is the inexpensive and most affordable one.

Who will benefit from natural cycle monitoring?

  • Young women below the age of 30
  • Women with regular menstrual cycles (regular ovulation cycles)
  • If you have had instances of unexplained fertility

Ovulation cycle tracking process:

  • The first visit for your follicular tracking will happen at the time of menstruation. Routine checks are done for abnormalities, like the presence of cysts.
  • In the 2 subsequent meetings Graafian follicle growth is assessed. This is done with conjunction with tests to assess the extent of the endometrium and occurrence of ovulation.
  • Ultrasound scans are used before expected ovulation and in the second visit we check for the anticipated ruptured follicle.
  • This process may have to be carried out over several menstrual cycles as you may not always receive the most accurate results during the first test. This is only to rule out abnormal ovulation as the cause of the unexplained fertility.

Menstrual cycles may vary from month to month. When ovulation tracking is carried out over 2 or 3 cycles a range of data is available which provides the fertility experts at IVF Spring Center to deliver the participants with the most accurate results. It is not always necessary, but this could be the case in some instances.

Why one should do natural cycle monitoring with IVF Spring Fertility Center?

IVF Spring Fertility Center in Mumbai understands the frustrations of unexplained infertility. Our patient care associates ensure to make you feel absolutely comfortable when visiting our top fertility center in Mumbai, India. Our advanced procedural methods and state of the art equipment ensure that the results that you get are the most accurate. If you would like to understand your natural cycle monitoring gets in touch with us today.

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Natural Cycle Monitoring related FAQs

What is natural cycle monitoring?

Natural cycle monitoring is a method of tracking a woman's menstrual cycle and ovulation to determine the best timing for fertility treatments or to monitor fertility health.

Is natural cycle monitoring available in Mumbai, India?

Yes, natural cycle monitoring is available in Mumbai, India at various fertility clinics and centers.

What are the benefits of natural cycle monitoring?

Natural cycle monitoring can help identify ovulation patterns and potential fertility issues, and can help guide the timing of fertility treatments or intercourse for couples trying to conceive.

What is involved in natural cycle monitoring?

The process typically involves regular monitoring of the menstrual cycle through ultrasound and blood tests to track ovulation and hormone levels.

How is natural cycle monitoring different from other fertility treatments?

Natural cycle monitoring is a non-invasive approach to fertility treatment that does not involve the use of medications or assisted reproductive technologies.

Who can benefit from natural cycle monitoring?

Women who have regular menstrual cycles and are trying to conceive can benefit from natural cycle monitoring to help optimize their chances of conceiving.

What are the success rates of natural cycle monitoring?

Success rates can vary depending on individual factors such as age and fertility health, but natural cycle monitoring can be a successful approach for some couples trying to conceive.

Are there any risks or complications associated with natural cycle monitoring?

There are typically no significant risks or complications associated with natural cycle monitoring, although some discomfort or inconvenience from frequent testing may occur.

What is the cost of natural cycle monitoring in Mumbai?

The cost can vary depending on the clinic or center, but natural cycle monitoring is generally less expensive than other fertility treatments that involve medications or assisted reproductive technologies.

How can individuals or couples access natural cycle monitoring in Mumbai?

Individuals or couples can consult with a fertility specialist or clinic in Mumbai to discuss their options for natural cycle monitoring and receive personalized guidance and care.

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