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Becoming a parent is an aesthetic feeling one can ever experience. Apart from the joy that is bestowed on you, you also need to be careful about your fertility. In case you are facing any problem regarding infertility, then a visit to our Mumbai based IVF Spring Fertility Centre is a must.

In case of men, meticulous evaluation of semen is necessary, as it is one of the crucial reasons that can cause infertility. Semen analysis is often recommended by our certified doctors and specialists for testing the male fertility. This analysis helps in knowing the overall condition of sperm and its count.

What is Semen Analysis?

There are various methods of male fertility testing; semen analysis is one of them. It is basically a detailed examination of the sperm that includes checking its motility, morphology, and concentration.

A check on the density and count of the sperm is been made by our highly qualified embryologists. Our doctors will not only perform the test but also, they will counsel and advise you exclusively about the problems faced by you.

What does a semen analysis involve?

  • General examination of your genital area would be conducted by the doctors. You will also be questioned about your health history, sexual habits and injuries (if any).
  • Then you have to give a sample of your semen, which would be analyzed.
  • On the basis of the report, our fertility experts will guide and advise you about the things that are a matter of concern.

In our fertility center, we have separate room facility where you can go and carry out ejaculation to get the sample.

Things to keep in mind to get a good sample:

There are some things that our doctors recommend for you to keep in mind to get a perfect semen sample, if not followed; it will hamper the accuracy of the results.

  • Abstain yourself from sexual intercourse and ejaculation for 2-5 days before the test.
  • Intake of alcohol, caffeine and other drugs such as cocaine and marijuana should be restricted before 2-5 days of the test.
  • If you are taking any other sort of medications, stop them.
  • Avoid the use of lubricants as it may affect the motility of the sperm.
  • If you are taking any medications then do discuss it with our doctors.

How to prepare for semen analysis?

Since this test is very crucial, careful handling of samples is necessary. There are two factors which are kept in mind while handling the samples.

Firstly, the semen should neither be kept in cold or hot environment. Rather it must be kept at body temperature.

Secondly, the semen must be handled to our experts within 30 to 60 minutes after the ejaculation.

If these two factors are not considered, then the accuracy will be hampered.

What the Test Tells You?

After conducting the test, our experts will observe the sample under a microscope. The test will provide you following information.

  • Concentration:
    Meaning: Number of sperms present in the semen.
    Normal semen consists of about 15-200 million sperms. If the sperm count is below 15 million then it would be considered low.
  • Motility:
    Meaning: Movement of the sperm.
    Normally 50% of the sperms present in the semen should be volatile.
  • Morphology:
    Meaning: Appearance of the sperm.
    The size and shape of the sperm are also responsible for the egg’s fertilization. At least 30% of the sperms should look normal.
    In addition to examining your sperm, your doctor will also check out other details from your sample, including the following:
  • Volume.
  • Chemical makeup.
  • Liquefaction time.
  • Fructose level.

All in all, if you are facing any kind of fertility problems, then you immediately need to get this semen analysis test done. For it can cause risk in pregnancy and problems in conceiving.

If still, you have any queries regarding fertility, you can immediately connect with us and visit our IVF spring clinic based in Mumbai. We assure to assist you in the best possible manner.

Semen Analysis related FAQs

What is a semen analysis?

A semen analysis is a test that examines the quality and quantity of a man's semen, including sperm count, motility, and morphology.

Why is a semen analysis performed?

A semen analysis is performed to evaluate male fertility, as issues with sperm quality or quantity can contribute to infertility.

How is a semen analysis performed?

A semen analysis involves providing a semen sample, which is then analyzed in a laboratory for various parameters, including sperm count, motility, and morphology.

What are the normal values for a semen analysis?

The normal values for a semen analysis can vary, but generally include a sperm count of at least 15 million per milliliter, with at least 40% of sperm having good motility and normal morphology.

What are some factors that can affect the results of a semen analysis?

Various factors such as recent illness, medications, alcohol consumption, smoking, and environmental factors can affect the results of a semen analysis.

How can couples use the results of a semen analysis to improve their chances of pregnancy?

Based on the results of a semen analysis, couples can work with a fertility specialist to identify any underlying issues and develop a treatment plan that may include lifestyle changes, medications, or assisted reproductive technologies.

What is the cost of a semen analysis in Mumbai?

The cost of a semen analysis can vary depending on the clinic or laboratory, but it is generally a relatively affordable test compared to other fertility treatments. on Saturday IVFSpring Parel, Mumbai offers Semen Analysis Only for 199Rs.

How long does it take to receive the results of a semen analysis?

The results of a semen analysis are typically available within a few days to a week, depending on the laboratory or clinic.

Is a semen analysis a reliable indicator of male fertility?

While a semen analysis can provide valuable information about male fertility, it is not always a definitive indicator, and additional testing and evaluation may be necessary to fully assess male fertility.


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