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IVF frequently asked questions


Are your Physicians trained and board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, along with Obstetrics and Gynecology?

At, IVF Spring Fertility Clinic, all our physicians are trained and board-certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, along with Obstetrics and Gynecology. We believe that the level of experience of a team is very important to improve outcome, so we make sure to give our patients highly experienced physicians with a very strong academic background, they are up-to-date and deliver high-quality care as an ongoing process.

What are your success rates?

IVF Spring Fertility Centre success rates are different for different treatments and will depend greatly on various factors, like your age at the time your eggs are retrieved. We have a long history of success rates spanning many arenas, supported by well-trained staff and experienced doctors, they assure a 68 per cent booming success rate in infertility treatments. Also, it is important to note that a comparison of clinic success rates may not be substantial because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches may vary from clinic to clinic.

What type of technology do you use?

Leading Accredited Fertility Clinic- IVF Spring, established in 2014, stays relevant when it comes to assisted reproduction technology and methods. We ensure that the necessary research and development is regulated before bringing new techniques into clinical practice. Our top physicians know the latest advances in techniques for treating infertility and will help you to expand your options by providing you with the finest quality medical and technological services.

Is genetic screening given?

At, IVF Spring Center, we offer the most patient-centric, cost-effective and compassionate care. Genetic practice in the form of Genetic screening is also offered to give you the best possible chance of having a healthy and genetically normal baby. As each case is different, we suggest speaking with our fertility doctors to find the safest and best option for you.

Do you have any set of action plans?

With over 5000 women all over India have trusted us since 2013; IVF Spring’s knows the importance of having action plans for achieving a healthy and safe pregnancy. Our action plan includes a free initial consultation to review your health history and family planning goals, also we advise you on all matters at every step of the treatment plan.

How do you support your patients through this journey?

We start by communicating early with our patients and inform them about all the possible consequences because we strongly believe to tell the whole truth. Our certified experts know how to tackle all your fertility problems and are able to recognize, understand your emotions, as they have a keen sense of emotional intelligence. Also, online consultations for international patients and counselling services for couples that need support are provided.

Which treatment do you recommend we try first? Why?

Which treatment you may need will depend largely on the cause of your infertility. Every doctor at IVF Spring aims to provide you with exceptional services that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world, also we have a dedicated wing for international patients, due to the worldwide demand of its fertility treatments. At, IVF Spring Clinic, we understand that every individual and every couple facing infertility needs and deserves suitable, safe, effective and inexpensive treatment plan.

Is there any Side effect or any risk for treatment I am preparing?

Breakthroughs on the horizon of infertility and exciting technological developments have improved the outcome of fertility treatment in many ways, limiting the risks and side effects. Today, fertility treatments are considered very safe, but mild side effects could be possible and manageable. A good relationship with your fertility team is key to gain trust, support and encouragement.

If my infertility diagnosis is not clear, what tests will we run to narrow down the possible causes?

Depending on your situations, our fertility doctors will decide which tests you will have and when. Not everyone needs to go through all or even many of the tests before the cause of infertility is found. Be prepared to answer questions to help your doctor quickly reach the next steps in making a diagnosis and starting care.

Is there any chances of unsuccessful of this treatment? If yes, then what we try next?

Yes, undergoing any fertility treatment does not guarantee a 100% success rate. At, IVF Spring Hospital, we know how heartbreaking it can get to find out your treatment hasn’t worked. It’s very natural to feel blue, when you may find out there is a possibility that treatment can turn unsuccessful. Our advice is to give yourself time to draw the line between unrealistic, realistic optimism and explore your options for what to do next.

Is Insurances cover in this? If not, any payment plan like EMI available?

Many patients are already intimidated by the financial matters surrounding infertility; however, you will be very relieved to hear that IVF Spring Fertility Centre, Mumbai offers many payment programs and financial aids that will relieve you of any anxiety caused by money matters. We participate with more than 30 insurance companies, and 70 per cent of our patients have some coverage for testing, treatment, or medications. Our goal is to help you focus on what really matters the most. Have questions about the financial issues associated with fertility treatment? Contact us now!

If we know what is causing my infertility, is this condition likely improve, remain the same or possibly to get worse over time?

Some people with fertility problems don’t even know they may have infertility related problems, but some are fully aware of the fact and also know what is causing their infertility. In this case, it is quite tricky to find out the condition status will be constant, worsen or improve. While you alone can’t control everything about this situation, you will need to see our fertility specialist right away to monitor and regulate your condition.

What should I do to improve my chances before, during and after treatment?

To maximize your chances, it is always best to go for an initial consultation with our fertility doctor to be aware of the healthy habits you can implement. Having the right people guiding you in this situation will hugely benefit you in the long-termMake sure to acknowledge and manage your stress.

Does alcohol consumption, stress and smoking affect my fertility?

Yes!  Stress, smoking and alcohol can make getting pregnant difficult and may affect your fertility health in many ways that would lead to long-term trouble with getting pregnant. Any unhealthy behaviour like wrong sleep pattern, not eating right, extreme work out can affect your fertility. Remember – each step towards healthier habits makes a difference.

How much it cost?

Answer-If you are ready to go for fertility treatment route, you should be aware that cost will depend on various factors. Your clinic location, medication cost, treatment preferred, clinic success rate, non-medical expenses are some factors affecting the treatment cost. IVF Spring will give you detailed information on financing to proceed with treatment.

What I should ask my fertility doctor?

Ask about your diagnosis and if there are any risks associated. Also ask about the treatment options, what are the success rates? Live- birth rates? What can you do in terms of lifestyle and environment to improve your chances? How much does the treatment cost? Does insurance cover it? Do they offer any payment plans?

What foods boost fertility?

According to a study, it was shown that women/men who eat more vegetable protein sources- like lentils and beans – have fewer problems conceiving. Also bananas are good for your fertility health as it helps to regulate your hormones, which is key to reproductive health and don’t forget to add dark leafy greens to your diet, it will help improve ovulation and sperm health. Remember- Diet is one piece of the fertility puzzle and also you can control it.

Is there chances of multiple babies at once in fertility treatment?

The incidence of multiple pregnancies is drastically decreasing. Chances of having multiple births are higher if you are an older and heavier woman.  In normal situations, the chances of multiple pregnancies are just 1% or less than that. While most multiple pregnancies progress smoothly, you will need a lot of support; you will have to see your doctor more often than women who are expecting one baby. At IVF Spring Clinic we have almost eliminated the occurrence of high-order multiple childbirths by preferring to transfer only one embryo, also popularly known as elective single embryo transfer, or eSET, whenever possible.

Can sleep affect my fertility health?

Yes! Lack of sleep can affect fertility-related hormones. The link between sleep and fertility is true. Getting enough high-quality sleep is very important for your general health as well as your fertility. Your body needs sleep to heal and function properly. Make sleep a priority to help improve your chances of achieving a pregnancy and building the family of your dreams.

In how many days I can see sign of pregnancy after fertility treatment?

After a successful round of fertility treatment, patients can expect to wait for about two weeks for signs of pregnancy to occur. Once the embryo transfer has occurred, the wait begins. IVF Spring self-care tip during this waiting period- Relax, stay optimistic through positive affirmations and express your emotions with your partner.

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