What is Hysteroscopy?

A Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure, used to examine the uterus and diagnose any conditions to be treated. The procedure is easy and safe to conduct, as opposed to open surgery. Conditions such as Uterine Adhesions, Uterine Polyps, and Fibroids can be diagnosed using this procedure.

Advantages of Hysteroscopy

A Hysteroscopy is incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • It determines the cause of excessive uterine bleeding.
  • Problems such as Uterine Polyps and Scarring can easily be diagnosed with a Hysteroscopy.
  • It helps to determine the cause of infertility issues and frequent miscarriages.
  • A hysteroscopy can also be used to treat a number of issues, such as Intrauterine Adhesions.
  • The procedure helps to insert, fix, or remove some forms of contraception.
  • The recovery is simple and fast, as compared to other methods of diagnosing these conditions.

Process Of Hysteroscopy

The first step of the Hysteroscopy procedure is to administer anaesthesia or a sedative so that the patient is relaxed. Next, a speculum (clamp) is used to keep the vagina open. The cervix is dilated with the help of dilators, and the hysteroscope, which is a thin tube with a telescope and light at the end, is slowly inserted into the uterus, through the vagina and cervix. The images taken by the camera are displayed on a monitor in the room, in real time. Some additional instruments may also be used, to help for better examination or treatment. The entire treatment is quite straightforward. The timing varies depending on the severity of the condition.

Recovery for Hysteroscopy

This procedure is the fairly low risk. The recovery time is quick, with no hospitalization needed. Some tips to avoid any risks and speed up recovery are:

  • To avoid contracting an infection, it is advisable to not have sexual intercourse for at least 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • For patients trying to conceive, they must ensure that they are not pregnant during the procedure.
  • The doctor should be made aware of all medications and allergies that the patient has.
  • Patients should be alert and look out for fever, severe abdominal pain, excessive bleeding, and nausea, as these symptoms should indicate the presence of an infection.

Why IVF Spring Fertility Clinic?

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