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Our Fertility Team

Dr. Anjali Ajit Deval

Dr. Anjali Ajit Deval is the Director of IVF Spring Fertility Center Mumbai. With 15+ years’ practice experience as infertility specialist and gynecologist, she is a fertility expert and under her guidance, the clinic has grown into a leading fertility center in Mumbai. She started the center in 2013.

Dr. Vishakha Vishnu Chorge

Chief Consultant
Dr. Vishakha Vishnu Chorge has a rich experience of 5+ years of experience in reproductive medicine and assisted conception. She started working in the field of infertility in Disha Nursing home and Genesis Fertility Clinic as Assistant Doctor.

Miss Priya Gajmal

Chief Embryologist
With a career background in genetics and embryology, Priya has an experience of about 12 years in working as a chief embryologist at IVF Spring Fertility Center. She is well-versed with all the advanced and medical techniques and deals with patients compassionately and with due diligence.

Mrs Savita Lahu Pawar

Program Coordinator
Savita is serving diligently for 15 years as a program co-ordinator. She takes care of all the treatment-related requirements of every patient and all the treatment plans are managed by her. Patients have a happy experience while leaving the clinic because of her. Savita has obtained a degree in the nursing field and hence is skilled with all the relevant abilities.

Miss Prachi Jadhav

Head Nurse
The nursing department at IVF Spring is headed by Prachi, who holds a degree in Nursing. She is well-efficient in assisting the doctors during the various treatments and has a detailed know-how of all the medical advanced techniques. She interacts with the patients very affectionately while taking care of all their basic medical necessities.

Miss Shruti Rampurkar

Patient Care Department
To keep our center healthy and hygiene, our patient care head Shruti is working since 5 years at IVF Spring. She works hard in the well-maintenance of a clean environment conducive to patient care along with attending the patients warmly and compassionately.

Miss Ankita Shinde

All the administrative and managerial work is handled by Ankita Shinde very diligently. She has graduated in the field of Bsc IT and is sincerely serving since 5 years at IVF Spring. Ankita is the first person you will meet when you will walk through our clinic and she will make you feel welcome while providing all the basic and necessary details related to our fertility center. All the appointment procedures are being handled by her.

Miss Sunita Pawar

Patient Coordinator
Sunita is handling all the client-management at IVF Spring since 15 years. She works brilliantly while taking care of each and every client’s specific needs and appointment details. She is very friendly towards the client and they do not hesitate to share their medical problem with her.
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