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Treatment with Donor Embryo

Infertility is on the rise throughout the world. So, alternative options to conceive artificially are also rising. The most common fertility treatments that the couples are resorting to are IVF and IUI and their versions such as IVF Treatment with Donor embryos, IUI treatment with donor sperm etc. The versions are useful when the normal fertility treatment is not fruitful for the couple. Donor embryo fertility treatment is one of the safest options to consider increasing your chances of carrying a baby. The success rates of these treatments are quite high.

What is Embryo Donation?

Embryo Donation or adoption is kind of like a third party reproduction and one of the successful option for infertile couples. It is called an adoption at the ‘Embryonic’ level. The embryos for donation are usually the embryos that are given (generally without compensation) after one couple’s IVF or ICSI procedure is done in our facilities. The donation is followed by transferring these embryos into the adoptee woman’s uterus during her natural cycle (2 days after ovulation). In some women, like those who are aged or suffer from any other problem, a pre-treatment might be needed before the embryos are transferred to their uterus.
The procedure is called embryo donation and embryo adoption because the embryo is first donated by the couple who have had successful IVF and then is adopted by some other couple. And since, the adoptee woman who is able to go through pregnancy it is called embryo adoption and not baby adoption.

Who should consider IVF treatment with donor embryos?

Fertility treatment with donor embryos is most commonly opted by a couple who experience problems with:

Who can be an embryo donor?

Embryo Donors are generally couples who have had a successful IVF treatment and have additional embryos left in the storage. These couples have an option of organ donation to use.
IVF process using donor embryo can be done between the couples who know each other or a donor and a recipient that does not personally know each other. No matter what the case is, once the donor embryo pregnancy is over, the couple who adopted the embryo are the legal parents of the child. The donor (both male and female) have no rights, whatsoever, on the child after the donation.
Following may be the reasons why a couple might consider embryo donation:

How is Embryo Donation performed?

Success rates of fertility treatment with donor embryos

Success rates of IVF with donor embryos generally lies in the range of 20% – 30% per transfer. However, the success rate highly depends upon the quality of the embryo that is being used for the procedure.

What is the difference between baby adoption and embryo adoption?

Here are a couple of differences between the two:

Why IVF Spring?

With the help of IVF Spring, your dream of carrying a baby will become a reality. We can help couples who need donated embryos. We have an extensive experience in providing fertility treatment for couples who need donated eggs, sperm or embryos. Our safe environment for potential embryo donors and recipients can help speed up the matching process which makes us one of the best donor embryo fertility treatments in Mumbai.

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