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Assisted Hatching

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is one of the best assisted reproductive technology (ART) techniques that involves monitoring and stimulation of an ovulation process of a woman and hence letting the couples to give birth to a baby who had already lost hope. Sometimes poor prognosis of the patient leads to failure of IVF. Hence experts suggest Assisted Hatching Fertility Treatment that is one of the procedures that support the IVF treatment.

What is Assisted Hatching Fertility Treatment?

Basically, this is a procedure that is done to the wall that surrounds the embryo known as zona pellicuda. For a successful uterine implantation, it is very necessary for the embryo to get hatched out of the zona pellicuda and then to get attached to the wall of the uterus.

How does Assisted Hatching Fertility Treatment takes place?

In this technique, the embryologists observe the embryo under the microscope. After four days of embryo development, a small hole is then created in the zona pellucida with the help of micromanipulation. At that time, the embryo should contain about six to eight cells.
After that, with the help of a pipette, the embryos are made stabilized. On the other hand, a hole is made in the zona pellucida with the help of a small pipette that contains an acidic solution. It becomes easy to transfer the naked cells inside the uterus that is why the embryo is punctured. The final step is to rinse the embryos thoroughly in order to remove the acid. The embryo is now ready to be transferred to the uterus.

Why Should You Take Assisted Hatching Fertility Treatment?

Medical Science has advanced rapidly resulting in higher percentage of positive results in fertility treatments. Before, chemicals were used for this process but later it resulted in failure as the chemicals sometimes damaged the embryo. Now, we have laser techniques that are safe and give highly accurate results. The success rates of assisted hatching treatment are growing higher day by day. It also depends on the experience and knowledge of the embryologists.
Therefore get your IVF treatment done that is supported by assisted hatching fertility treatment in IVF Spring fertility centre, Mumbai. We have highly qualified embryologists and experts that will advise you the best possible treatment according to your medical condition.

For Whom Assisted Hatching Fertility Treatment is Suitable?

You should consider assisted hatching fertility treatment if :-

Chances of Success in Assisted Hatching Fertility Treatment:

It has been proved in authentic researches that assisted hatching has increased the number of implantation in women especially for the women who are above the age of 38 have experienced positive results. The couples who were failing in the IVF treatment also achieved fertility.

Why IVF Spring?

Knowing that you are unable to conceive a baby is very shattering. However, there are fertility treatments like IVF that are able to cure your infertility. What if you also fail in these treatments? You need not worry, we provide you with the best-assisted hatching fertility treatment in support of your IVF treatment. Providing proper treatment and expert advice is the principle of our clinic. Our highly qualified gynecologists and embryologists design each treatment according to your medical condition and body needs.
Feel free to ask for any query at our Mumbai based IVF Spring fertility Centre, as we are there for you always.

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