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Initial Consultation and Scan

Your initial consultation and scan at IVF Spring Fertility Center.

If you have been struggling to conceive the hardest part is to admit that you may have a problem. When you finally do admit to have a problem the first step is to find the ideal partner for your infertility treatment journey. The first step for all our patients that come for fertility consultation is meet with our fertility experts and have a talk about the patient’s lifestyle, medical history, primary blood work and ultrasound scans for the couple as required. Depending on the results of the consultation our fertility specialist assigned to you will design a personalized and custom made fertility treatment plan.

Why undergo a fertility consultation with IVFSpring Fertility?

Custom and personalized fertility treatment plans

Our thorough and intensive investigation during the consultation will provide you with the best opportunity for a custom plan to increase the chances pregnancies.

Advanced medical equipment

At IVF Spring you can be assured that we use only the most advanced medical equipment. It helps provide us with more accurate results to help treat you better.

Specially assigned fertility expert for your care

Each couple that walks through our doors will be provided by their own fertility expert who will stay with them throughout the entire journey of your fertility treatment journey. From scheduling your appointments to being there when needed your fertility specialist will be with you the whole while. At Spring Fertility we care.

Low bar for selection

At IVF Spring Fertility we believe that every couple deserves a chance. If there is the slightest possibility that we can help you on your journey towards parenthood we will accept your case. We will move heaven and hell and do all we can to ensure that you have a chance to have a baby.

No waiting for treatment

Due to the large number of fertility specialist at Spring IVF we are able to start treatment straight after consultation. We can understand the time sensitive nature of the need to start a family as soon as possible.

What to expect?

Initial appointment

During your first visit to the IVF Spring Fertility center in Mumbai you will discuss your medical history, share details about your lifestyle, and perform basic parameter checks like weight, age, heights etc. A fertility specialist will be assigned to you who will work with you during your fertility treatment.


As per your menstrual cycle, blood work and ultrasound scans will be scheduled. During your scans the following parameters will be checked.

Additional tests

Hormonal checks along with semen analysis are performed to determine the best route to have a successful pregnancy using artificial reproduction techniques.


We believe that when you have all the information you are able to understand our process as well. Once the results of your scans are ready your fertility specialists will be on hand to explain all the details. If you have any questions, the specially assigned fertility specialist will be available at all times to answer any of your questions. You will also be provided with the details of the customized plan that Spring Fertility IVF center has prepared for you.

Next steps

You can then spend some time with your patient coordinator to discuss the costs of your IVF treatment, when to start and counselling will be offered.

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