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Couples Fertility Test

If you are a young healthy couple having trouble starting a family you could be a victim of fertility problems. No need to worry though as medical advancements have now made it possible for couples suffering from infertility to successfully become parents. Before we can start our journey to parenting we need to get to the root of the problem. For that, IVF Spring Fertility center in Mumbai has the best couple’s fertility test for you. Get your fertility test today and check your potential scope of being parents.

What is Included in a Couple’s Fertility Test?

Couples Fertility Test provided by IVF Spring Fertility Centre evaluates the individual fertility of the man and woman as well as looks at the fertility compatibility of the couple. Assessment includes checks of the egg health, Fallopian tubes potency as well as the sperm health check. We also have the facility to provide individual male fertility tests or individual female fertility tests.

What is the Procedure for Couples' Fertility Test?

The procedure will vary from couple to couple based on a variety of factors such as medical history and age of the patients. The basic and most straightforward couple’s fertility test at IVF Spring Fertility Center in Mumbai will include the following steps:

Primary Evaluation:

All couples fertility tests begin with a thorough medical history of the couple. The couple’s sexual history is discussed in individual consultations to know more about any problems that could be relevant to the diagnosis. A routine physical examination is also conducted.

Female Fertility Test (Ovarian Reserve, Womb Conditions):

The women will undergo an ultrasound scan to check for the health of the ovaries. This test can be done during any stage of the menstrual cycle. The test looks for the antral follicle count which is the number of follicles in the ovaries.

Blood flow to the follicles and the uterus is also checked to find out the estimate of the ovarian reserve. We will also test the quality and hospitality of the womb and its lining.

Male Fertility Test (Semen /Sperm Analysis):

A semen sample is to be provided by the male participant. A private room is provided for the male to provide his ejaculate material. Once done, the sperm sample is taken away by a fertility expert for further diagnostics and analysis. For a proper sample to be obtained, the male partner should abstain from sex and ejaculation for 2 – 5 days.

Sperm motility, sperm count, semen density and sperm morphology are some of the factors that are scrutinized at this stage

Compatibility Test For Couples Fertility:

There could be a lot of causes for inability to get pregnant which could be related to the incompatibility of the male and female fertility. This could include unfavorable environmental conditions for the sperm in the uterus, low sperm motility due to thickness of the cervical mucus lining. Our tests guide you to find out the perfect conditions for the best chance of conceiving naturally. Favorable conditions for sexual intercourse including the timing in the menstrual cycle, sperm capacitation and development of the embryo.

Couples Consultation

You can then spend some time with your patient coordinator to discuss the costs of your IVF treatment, when to start and counselling will be offered.

Why to Start with IVF Spring Fertility Centre?

IVF Spring Fertility provides the most comprehensive couples fertility testing in Mumbai, India. We understand your concerns and are ready for all the queries and doubts you may have. We have already helped several couples begin their parenting journey with the help of our experienced staff, excellent diagnosis and analysis and expert consultation services. Get in touch today for an assessment of your fertility goals as a couple

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