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Female Fertility Preservation

The quantity & quality of the egg deteriorates with the advancing age of women making it more difficult to conceive her. By freezing eggs, one can preserve the age of the eggs optimizing the chances of having a baby later in life. This process was first identified as a fertility preservation method of women suffering from cancer, who wanted an option to conceive in the future if their treatment was successful.

What is Female Fertility Preservation or Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing or Oocyte Vitrification is the process of extracting, freezing and storing a woman’s eggs in order for her to be able to delay her ability to conceive. It is called as female fertility preservation because it allows the woman to preserve her fertility for when she is ready to start a family. The frozen eggs can be stored for a number of years and can be made available to the woman as desired. Frozen eggs are removed from their chamber, warmed and fertilized with sperm. Once fertilized, the eggs can be transferred to the uterus for further development.
If you are considering freezing your eggs it is important that you make an informed choice after discussing efficacy, safety, and the costs.

Advantages of Female Fertility Preservation

More control your future

Egg freezing procedures are showing improved rates of pregnancies in women while giving you more fertility options for your future.

More safer

Fertility Preservation procedures have now become safer due to the improvement in stimulation protocols.

Simple & Easy

The process is very simple to understand and perform with little risk for the patient.

Why should you Preserve your Fertility?

There could be several reasons why women choose to freeze their eggs, following are good reasons for you to consider egg freezing:

Female Fertility Preservation or Egg Freezing procedure

Hormone stimulation

Before eggs can be extracted from the woman’s ovaries she normally has to undergo a hormone stimulation procedure for about 2 weeks. During the consultation, the doctor will teach the woman how to self-administer the medicine via an injection. The medication normally allows for about 6-15 eggs to mature for further collection.

Egg collection

Once matured the eggs are extracted from the ovaries. This is a short procedure that does require a general anesthetic, but the patient can return home after an hour or so. Once extracted the patient is required to take rest at home.

Egg freezing

Fertility Preservation or Oocyte Vitrification is the final step in the egg freezing process. Fluids are extracted to prevent crystal formation and damage and carefully stored. Frozen Eggs can be stored for several years at a time.

Egg Freezing Success Rates

Since egg freezing is a relatively new process it is difficult to tell with full certainty what the success rate is. However, as the process has improved so has the success rate. Another factor that determines the success rate of the fertility preservation process is the age at which the woman undergoes the procedure. The older you get the lower the chances of success for the overall fertilization process. It is advisable to go for the egg freezing procedure before the age of 35. This drastically improves the chances of egg fertilization post-thawing of the frozen eggs.

Why IVF Spring?

Spring Fertility is the foremost fertility preservation clinic in Mumbai, India. With more than 10 years of experience in dealing with female and male fertility issues. We also use the latest equipment and procedural guidelines to ensure a higher success rate for our patients.

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