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Female Fertility Test

A woman’s fertility is quite literally a ticking time bomb. If you’re tired about questions about how you should have babies as you’re not getting any younger and should get married and have children then it’s time to show your fertility test results to your family so they can relax. If you’re generally curious about your fertility then you should come have your fertility tested at IVF Spring fertility center in Mumbai. Know the health of your eggs, the state of your fallopians tubes, and much more. IVF Spring Fertility Center offers a comprehensive fertility test and testing assessment program to assess your ovarian reserves. We are sensitive to the very common anxiety of diminishing ovarian reserves or the faster ageing of eggs.

What is Female Fertility Test?

The female fertility procedural test at Spring IVF fertility center in Mumbai is a comprehensive check of the female fertility. We assess the state of your ovarian reserve, the endometrium lining, uterus as well as the Fallopian tubes. Get in touch with a female fertility expert at IVF Spring and schedule an appointment.
During your first consulting we will only discuss about your medical history,  menstrual history and lifestyle. All this factors including your sexual history is essential in giving you accurate results about your fertility.
Depending on the conversation you have with our fertility expert you can decide if you would like to move forward with further tests or not. Schedule a visit to test your female fertility today.

Why take a Fertility Test?

It is a fact that women have only a limited amount of eggs in their reserve. As they grow older the numbers of eggs from their reserve deplete and the quality diminishes as well. The quality and quantity of eggs start to rapidly decrease as the woman reaches the age of 35 and above.
A fertility test should be administered to ensure that you still have time to properly plan your family life in the future. The results of the tests can help you understand if you should consider some services such as egg/sperm freezing to ensure that you do not face difficulty in your pregnancy irrespective of your advancing age.
This decline in the number and quality of eggs causes women to face difficulties in conceiving children as they mature to over 35 years of age.

Who is the Female Fertility Test suitable for?

Although this fertility test is quite comprehensive it is recommended only for women who want a general feel of their fertility status.
For women who are looking to conceive it is suggested to consider booking an appointment for an initial consultation and scan. This consultation will allow us to align a proper treatment procedure that you can opt for which would not be a part of the regular fertility test.

What does a Female Fertility Test consist of?

The test results are available immediately and a fertility expert will walk you through all the details of your case. If there are some salient issues that come up during the fertility test, the fertility specialist at IVF Spring in Mumbai will recommend you do a more thorough consulting and scan.

Start your motherhood journey...

IVF Spring offers its patients the most advanced and proven scientific procedures in order to help them become parents. The tests that are performed at the IVF Spring clinic help us provide you with the best solutions for your infertility treatment. Our fertility experts guide you through the most comprehensive tests and work with you to finding better answers to your fertility questions.
Dr Anjali Deval is the foremost fertility expert in Mumbai, India. She has worked with several high profile clients and helped them achieve their dreams of parenthood. She can help you too. Get on the phone today and book and appointment to have your fertility test done at our fertility center in Mumbai.

Know Your Fertility with Female Fertility Test

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