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Male Infertility Conditions

Infertility issues come in many forms. 50% of all fertility issues are caused due to male fertility problems. Male fertility is often overlooked in the Indian scenarios when discussing fertility treatments.
Male Infertility is caused due to a variety of reasons and may occur in varying degrees.
Azoospermia is a condition to when men are not able to produce enough sperm in their semen. 1% of all men suffer from this condition which results in infertility in up to 20% of the cases. Another condition causing infertility due to sperm is due to sperm mobility. Sperm mobility is the ability of the sperm to swim to the egg. Sperm morphology is another issue which occurs due to abnormally shaped sperms as well as the inability to fertilize the egg.
Undescended testicles, testicles affected by surgery and congenital defects as well as treatment for cancer causes issues with fertility. Lack of vans deferens , the tubes blocking the sperm from making it into the semen is another issue.
Drugs congenital disorders or presence of tumours can affect the hormonal balance and hence cause an issue with the male fertility.
Ejaculation problems such as premature ejaculation as well as retrograde ejaculation could also cause issues with male fertility.
Cigarettes, Alcohol as well as drug consumption can affect both semen quality as well as sperm production. You can work on changing your lifestyle in order to improve your semen quality and quantity.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

There are typically no symptoms associated with male infertility. Underlying problems such as hormonal imbalance, dilated veins around the testicles may show some signs. Symptoms may include difficulty in ejaculating, problems with erectile dysfunction, pain and swelling in the testicular area. Male fertility issues may also display signs of recurrent respiratory infections or hormonal or chromosomal abnormality.

Choosing the Right Treatment for You

IVF Spring Fertility has vast experience in dealing with issues related to male fertility. Male factor infertility can be treated by using ART procedures such as ICSI or sperm donation. Other suitable treatments are assessed after the necessary tests, semen analysis and scans.
In the case of complex cases where sperm aspiration would be required, we have an excellent urologist consultant who can assist in performing the surgeries.
IVFSpring Fertility center in Mumbai is a top-notch male and female infertility treatment center. Our specialized skills and advanced procedural knowledge in performing the ICSI procedure has helped several couples successfully become parents. We also have an excellent track record in the screening of donor sperm in case it is required to be used in any of our treatments. If you are looking for an infertility center in Mumbai to help guide you in your male infertility treatment give us a call. We provide 100% confidential treatment to all our clients.

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