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There are several artificial reproduction techniques that are extremely natural and use limited medication and drug use or none at all. One of the most popular treatment methods is the Natural IVF or Natural Cycle IVF treatment in Mumbai. IVF Spring Fertility is one of the largest infertility treatment center’s to offer the Natural IVF Cycle treatment to its patients.
Natural IVF treatment provides women with a low ovarian reserve with an opportunity to conceive with little or no drug use, reduced stress and fewer side effects of the treatment.

What is Natural Cycle IVF?

Natural Cycle IVF is a process through which the woman’s natural menstrual cycle is used for egg collection. At least one egg which has been selected is matured fertilized and the embryo is placed back into the lining of the womb. It is one of the safest treatment options available for women who have a low ovarian reserve. Not only is it safe, it is extremely cost effective IVF Treatment as well as making it a suitable process for most women. This is the closest that it gets to natural fertilization of the egg because rather than focusing on the quantity of the eggs the focus is on the quality of the egg collected.
Since this is such a delicate and precise treatment process you have to partner with an Infertility Treatment center like IVF Spring Fertility that is 100% dedicated to the cause. Only then will you have the best chance of a successful pregnancy through a Natural Cycle IVF process.

Advantages of Natural Cycle IVF

Good success rates

A better understanding of ovarian physiology along with our medical expertise helps to deliver the optimum treatment with a growing success rate over a period of time.

Better quality eggs

The egg used for the IVF process is naturally selected by the body can be of higher quality as compared to harvested during a stimulated cycle.

Higher implantation

During natural cycle IVF the womb is more receptive to embryo implantation as a result of no or minimal use of fertility medication.

More Comfort

Natural cycle IVF is a kinder, holistic approach, which takes advantage of your body’s own hormones! Also reduces many side effects and complication in IVF.

Safer for women

The risk of developing OHSS (Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome) is reduced to zero through Natural Cycle IVF as no ovarian stimulation medications are used. A woman develops her one egg naturally

Budget friendly

Natural IVF is less expensive and more affordable than stimulated cycle IVF treatments as it does not require expensive medication

Who is Natural Cycle IVF for?

Natural IVF is suitable for all women who want to avoid taking medication or drugs; however it is particularly suitable for:

  • Women with low ovarian reserve.
  • Low AMH, high FSH or those who have had a poor response to fertility drugs previously.
  • Women who want to conceive using their own eggs rather than using donor eggs.

Natural Cycle IVF Process

1. Fertility Consultation & Scan

     The first step in most fertility treatments is the scans and
physical assessment. Based on the results of the assessment a fertility
plan will be devised for you which will give you the best chance of
a successful pregnancy.

2. Treatment Consultation

     A fertility specialist will speak to you about your treatment plan.
Explain the details of the process and sign the necessary consent forms.
This is done roughly 2 weeks before the start of your menstrual cycle.
Counselling will also be provided if required.

3. Scans & Blood tests

     Two to Three monitoring scans will be done. Blood tests will also
be carried out if required. Each test takes about 20 minutes each.

4. Egg collection

     Egg quality is assessed and one egg is extracted. This process
requires sedation and takes approximately 45 minutes.

5. Embryo Transfer

     The fertilized egg or embryo is transferred to the womb for
furthering the pregnancy process. This is a very small procedure that
doesn’t require sedation and feels like a smear test.

6. Pregnancy Test

     We will invite you back to the clinic for a pregnancy blood test
and give you the test results by the end of the day.

Success Rate Of Natural Cycle IVF

The success rate of Natural Cycle IVF is reliant on a multiple factors that are beyond the control of the doctors. Therefore the success rates of Natural Cycle IVF are comparatively low as compared to Stimulated Cycle IVF fertility treatment. You will only be recommended for the Natural Cycle IVF fertility treatment procedure if the outcomes of your assessment from the doctor permit for pregnancy through this method.

Why IVF Spring Fertility Center?

IVF Spring Fertility Center has been performing the Natural Cycyle IVF treatment for its patients for a really long time. We have the most experienced staff with the highest level of expertise in Natural IVF treatment in Mumbai. Our advanced protocols and methods have led to a more effective treatment and a greater success rate for Natural IVF in Mumbai.
We have helped several women who have been denied a chance for a natural pregnancy or been told that pregnancy through donor eggs is their only option. As a result of our strenuous processes and deliberate care usually results in healthier babies. Babies born have a lower rate of prematurity as well as significantly higher birth weight as compared to the conventional IVF treatment.
We also ensure the mothers care during Natural IVF cycle. No patient has been admitted to our hospital with OHSS in the history of IVF Spring Fertility.

Start your parenting journey with IVF Spring Fertility Center

FAQs related to Natural Cycle IVF

What is Natural Cycle IVF?

Natural Cycle IVF is a form of in vitro fertilization that uses a woman's natural menstrual cycle without fertility drugs.

How is Natural Cycle IVF different from conventional IVF?

Natural Cycle IVF doesn't use fertility drugs, which can have side effects. It also focuses on retrieving only one high-quality egg per cycle.

Who is a good candidate for Natural Cycle IVF?

Women with regular menstrual cycles and good ovarian reserve are good candidates. Those who don't want to use fertility drugs or have a history of bad reactions are also good candidates.

Is Natural Cycle IVF as successful as conventional IVF?

Success rates are lower than conventional IVF because fewer eggs are retrieved. However, it can be successful for women with good ovarian reserve.

Is Natural Cycle IVF less expensive than conventional IVF?

Natural Cycle IVF can be less expensive because it doesn't require as many fertility drugs or monitoring appointments.

What are the risks of Natural Cycle IVF?

The main risk is that only one egg is retrieved per cycle, which can reduce the chances of a successful pregnancy. There is also a risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

How many times can a woman do Natural Cycle IVF?

A woman can do Natural Cycle IVF as many times as she wants, as long as she has good ovarian reserve and is a good candidate for the procedure.

Can Natural Cycle IVF be used with donor sperm?

Yes, Natural Cycle IVF can be used with donor sperm, as long as the woman is a good candidate for the procedure.

Is Natural Cycle IVF a good option for women with PCOS?

Natural Cycle IVF may not be the best option for women with PCOS, as they often have irregular menstrual cycles and may not produce a high-quality egg each cycle.

Can a woman freeze embryos using Natural Cycle IVF?

Yes, a woman can freeze embryos using Natural Cycle IVF, as long as a high-quality egg is retrieved and fertilized.

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