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The path to pregnancy via IVF is long but sure. We’ve compiled a list of steps you will have to follow and the time it takes to complete each process.

IVF Journey

Enquiry and Appointment Booking

It normally takes about a week from the first contact to seeing the doctor. Depending on the case load and prior booking you might have to wait from 1-2 weeks for your appointment. Get on the phone right now to schedule a visit with the Infertility Specialist at IVFSpring Fertility Center

Initial Consultation with a Doctor.

If you have conducted tests and treatments in other fertility centers it is advisable to carry them along to provide the doctors with a clearer picture of the problem. The initial consultation will discuss basic details about your medical history, case history, and other minor information. The Fertility Specialist may request further investigations and recommend test procedures. You have to visit the doctor on several occasion depending on the number of tests prescribed so this process could take anywhere between 1 – 3 weeks.

Follow-up, Nurse and Embryology.

Upon completion of the initial consultation with your infertility specialist, you will be guided by a fertility nurse who will explain all the procedures in detail, discuss the costs of the IVF treatment in Mumbai as well as sign all the standard consent forms necessary in these procedures. The fertility nurse will also assist in booking all your treatment dates and provide you with all the medication. IVF treatments require you to self-administer a hormonal drug, this session is also an injection teaching session.
You will also meet up with an embryologist who will discuss all the services on offers such as genetic screening and the potential benefits they may have for your future procedures and pregnancy. The meeting with the fertility nurse and embryologist could take up to a weeks’ time.

Start of your treatment.

• Down-regulation Scan and Blood Test:
Down-regulating the ovaries is the first step in your IVF Process. Ovary down-regulation is confirmed by ultrasound scans and blood tests.
• Monitoring Scan and/or Blood Tests:
Upon down-regulation you are ready to begin your hormone stimulation injections. There will be a lot of monitoring at this stage. Within a span of 14 days, you will visit the clinic 3 or 4 times for blood tests and ultrasound scans. Progress reports are provided at every step as well as general consultation on next steps to follow. Duration of these visits will depend on your patient history and test results. It usually takes 14 days.

Insemination /Egg Collection day.

Follicle Monitoring is conducted to check for egg maturation. If considered properly matured, you will be put under anaesthetic and the fertility consultant at IVFSpring will perform the egg collection procedure. Egg collection occurs approximately 14 days after the first hormone injection. A date and time will be prescribed for the minor surgical egg removal process. Your partner will also have to provide a semen sample for analysis.

Embryo Transfer.

Eggs collected are inseminated and fertilized to embryos. Additional embryo monitoring services are performed. Embryo development status is provided on a regular basis and depending on the growth and maturation of the embryo a transfer date is fixed. Only the highest quality embryo is used in the transfer stage. The selected embryo is transferred to your womb by the IVF Spring Consultant to further the pregnancy.

Pregnancy blood test.

2 weeks after the embryo transfer a blood test will be scheduled to confirm pregnancy. This is done via a blood test.

Pregnancy confirmation scan.

Post pregnancy confirmation via blood test, you will be scheduled for a pregnancy scan. This will happen within 10 weeks of the initial blood test for pregnancy.

If however, due to some unforeseen, unfortunate circumstances the treatment is not successful, the patient will be provided with a free review or follow up appointment.

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