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On the hunt for a leading fertility clinic in Dadar? IF you live in or near Dadar, IVF Spring Fertility Centre offers the best solution to all your fertility worries. With premium IVF in Dadar, our treatments are sought after by infertile couples from all over. Our state-of-the-art infertility clinic in Dadar houses all the cutting-edge technology needed for excellent success rates, in addition to conducting safe and ethical treatments. Our experts’ unparalleled efficiency in the industry has earned us the title of the leading fertility clinic in Dadar. Book an appointment with our specialists, and kick-start your journey to parenthood, today.

Trusted fertility centre of India

We are the renowned IVF Fertility Clinic of Mumbai. We have been a pioneer clinic across the suburbs of Mumbai. It’s our approach that makes us a cut above the rest.
Here are some of the insights:
  • World class IVF treatment in the heart of Mumbai
  • Specialists in IVF treatment
  • Excellent success rates in all age groups
  • Personalized Treatments
  • Highly experienced team
  • We are very proud to consistently offer patients excellent success rates with our tailored treatment plans
  • We offer patients access to the most advanced fertility treatment
We embrace whatever “family” means to you and we’ve designed a myriad of affordable programs to specifically meet the needs of a very diverse population.

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I married in 2006. For nearly two or three years, I was unable to conceive despite our best efforts and other treatments. My meeting with Dr. Deval was God-sent. No sooner did I start her treatment, within a short time I conceived and now I am going to be a mother.

Smita Sandeep

We Create Fertility

With over 5000 women all over India having trusted us since 2013, available Egg Donors and no waiting lists there are numerous reasons to choose IVF Spring.


We pride ourselves in providing woman-friendly treatment with Natural Cycle IVF. Learn more about the advantages of Natural IVF.


Majority of our patients begin with a basic form of treatment like IUI. Learn more about this popular treatment and if it is right for you.


ICSI is currently the best male infertility treatment and is quite well known for its effective procedure.


When more complex barriers are keeping you from getting pregnant, genetic consultation can help. Find out how it can help you.


When using your gametes isn’t an option donor treatment can help you reach parenthood. Learn more what using donor treatment entails.


We care for not only the body but the mind as well. Learn more about our fertility counselling services.


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The first step to start your fertility with IVF Spring Fertility center is to come for a fertility consultation & ultrasound scan

Advantages with ivf spring, most trusted fertility care

At IVF Spring Fertility Centre, Mumbai, India, each patient is assigned a team of infertility specialists in Dadar who together to diagnose the condition and craft a personalized treatment plan that maps out their treatment. Dr. Anjali Deval, the director at IVF Spring continuously looks for ways to enhance treatments, and regularly hosts seminars for her colleagues, to discuss the advancements in the industry and how they can be used to treat the patients at IVF Spring. If you are worried about the effects of traditional IVF medication on your body, we also offer Mild and Natural IVF that administer lesser medication, are safer for your body to handle, and are also at a more affordable IVF cost in Dadar. At IVF Spring, we are aware of the psychological effects of infertile on a person, and ensure that a counsellor is always present, to guide you and your family through this tough period. Consult the experts at our IVF centre in Dadar, and embrace fertility with ease.
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