Oncofertility Treatment

Dealing with a catastrophic disease like Cancer is very arduous for the patient suffering from it as well as the family. The patient has to undergo heavy therapies and medications along with the pain. It also affects the fertility of both men and women. The cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiations and surgeries may cure the patient of the cancerous effects but it deeply affects the fertility. However, with the advancement in medical science, the problem of fertility can be treated in many ways.

How does cancer affect fertility?

If a patient is diagnosed with cancer, then there are a number of therapies and surgeries that are performed for its cure. However, these therapies have major side–effects and tend to hamper the fertility of the individuals. The impact of effect also depends on various factors like- type of treatment, medications prescribed, stage of cancer, and your fertility status.
In case of women, the eggs present in the ovaries are prone to get damaged and can also result in early menopause.
Whereas in the case of men, the testes are affected resulting in the destruction in the production of sperm. The quantity, speed and shape of the sperm are usually affected.

Why Oncofertility Treatment?

After dealing with such a perilous disease, the battle does not get over yet. You have to deal with the after-effects such as infertility. Pregnancy after cancer treatment gets difficult, consulting a fertility expert is seriously recommended.
For best advice and accurate results, get your Oncofertility treatment done in Mumbai, at our IVF spring fertility center. Our doctors will counsel you and will tell you about the possibility of fertility after the cancer treatment and also types of Oncofertility treatments will be discussed with you.

Starting a family after cancer treatment

Women who are undergoing treatment are usually advised to wait for at least a span of six months before planning for a family. This is because of the impact of harmful radiations of the chemotherapies and surgeries performed during cancer. Women are advised to seek an expert’s advice before planning to conceive. So that the doctors can monitor your pregnancy period in order to avoid any mishappening.

Why IVF Spring?

With the advancement in Medical Science, the chances of survival of a person have been increased tremendously. After fighting with this hazardous disease, the patients want to start their family. IVF Spring Fertility Center will provide you with the latest methods to preserve your fertilization. Cryopreservation is one of them, which will ensure the safety of your genetic material in our labs. When the time for you to conceive comes, treatment according to your body needs would be given by us.

Experience that bliss of having a little one in your family with IVF Spring Fertility Center

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