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Know your fertility

Infertility is often a misinterpreted topic. Misconception & incorrect info can cloud the facts. At IVF Spring Fertility Center, we encourage you to become informed with trustworthy and accurate information about infertility.

The initial work-up

At IVF Spring Fertility Clinic in Mumbai we outline a plan that is tailored specifically to your needs. On your first consultation, our fertility specialist will outline a diagnostic plan for your infertility work up. Your testing schedule will depend on several factors such as your gender, medical history and a physical examination. The questions we seek to answer during the initial work-up are:

Initial work up process

Pre-screening tests are critical for your physician to identify potential obstacles to achieving pregnancy. Each patient is individually assessed and will require taking the tests they need based on initial physical examination. The initial work up will cater to men and women differently.
Based on your initial work-up or pre-screening tests a diagnosis will be prepared by the consulting fertility expert at IVF Spring Fertility. Based on the diagnosis a treatment plan will be tailor made to suit your needs. Several factors including your preference will play a role in deciding your treatment process.
The initial work up plays a crucial role is enabling couples to become parents. Our efforts are always directed towards making the process as streamlines and personalized as possible. At IVF Spring Fertility our focus is on providing the best patient care at all time.

Female Fertility Test

Male Fertility Test

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