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Pregnancy in advanced reproductive age

Children are the generation to come. No couple wants to live without a child. it hurts a lot to know that you are unable to have a child any longer. Infertility may be caused by factors such as pelvic inflammatory disease, polyps in the uterus, endometriosis, chronic medical disease, and birth defect. However, studies have revealed that as women advance in age, the rate of pregnancy relatively decreases. This is definitely true because chances of getting pregnant by age chart indicate that increase in age of women leads to decrease in the level of fertility. This is also the same case for men that at 40years, man’s fertility begins to decline. The most fertile age for a man, therefore, is between 25 to 30 years. With the advent of technology that has dynamically changed the world, the fact that at advanced reproductive age chances of conceiving decreases, does not have any impact today. Medical technology has enabled availability of Donor eggs, Donor sperms, Donor embryo, surrogacy and IVF Freezing program which I am yet to discuss below.

Donor Eggs:

For most women who have advanced in age and wish to have a child through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), then Donor eggs are the best option for them. Simply stating, these are those eggs which are donated by good young healthy and strong women who are willing to get their eggs removed and store them in egg banks. if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot have a child then you need to worry any longer because this is the solution that will serve you best. if you are a woman who also experiences infertility challenges, then donor eggs can enable you to conceive. Similarly, If you do not want to risk passing on a genetic disease to your children, you can choose to conceive with donor eggs. Further, the fresh sperms of your partner or a sperm donor are fused with the egg in the laboratory before the resultant embryo is implanted into the recipient uterus.

Donor sperms:

Those sperms that are donated by a sperm donor to be used for artificial insemination of other females are known as donor sperms. Normally, these donor sperms are stored in sperm bank after a rigorous testing has been done. A single woman or the one whose husband maybe infertile may resort to using these donor sperms in order to conceive. Of course, this will depend on the basis of counseling and legal issues required.

Donor Embryo:

When you choose to undergo In Vitro Fertilization, only one embryo will be implanted into your uterus. You can choose the remaining embryos for donating them to other couples who are wishing to undergo a similar process as you. Such embryos are called Donor embryos. The recipient will definitely be the biological mother of the child since the embryo is implanted into her uterus for her to be pregnant.


This is a process where a woman who is not able to undergo pregnancy due to various medical reasons, may choose someone else to carry her pregnancy. After fusing the sperms and eggs of victim couple, embryo result is implanted on their preferred pregnancy carrier. Eventually, the mother of the child will still remain the biological mother.

IVF Freezing programs:

This is actually an embryo Freezing program for patients who want to have their embryo stored and diagnosed. Such situations may occur under circumstances such as a low number of eggs in previous IVF among others.


Pregnancy in advanced age is no longer a challenge. This is definitely a thing of the past, now technology has provided a comprehensive solution to this problem. So it is practically possible to have children even at the age of 50 or 60years. Therefore, Infertility is no more a limitation.

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