Rise above infertility in Nigeria

IVF Treatment in Nigeria: Though IVF in Nigeria is prevalent among many infertile couples in the country, there are various reservations about IVF Treatment in Nigeria. The legitimacy of the process has been challenged numerous times in the past, leading to an environment that is not as conducive to fertility treatments as other countries in the world. With fairly restricted access to advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment, many infertile couples find themselves unable to avail treatments such as PGD, Assisted Hatching, and ICSI treatment in Nigeria. Due to the numerous restrictions on ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), many infertile couples prefer travelling to other countries, such as India, for their treatment.

‘India has a beautiful landscape and culture, along with high quality IVF Treatment in Nigeria.Which make it a popular medical tourism hub.’

What you should consider before deciding your IVF Treatment in Nigeria:

  • The clinic should thoroughly diagnose your condition before recommending IVF.
  • The clinic should have provisions for additional procedures, to boost IVF success rates.
  • Your doctor should be experienced in the field, and have good success rates with IVF.
  • The clinic should have counsellors to support and guide you during the process.
  • Your budget should be able to accommodate the clinic’s charges.
  • The clinic must have success rates according to age and condition.
  • The doctors should explain each part of the process to you in detail.

IVF Treatment in Nigeria

Keep a lookout for these factors when considering your IVF Clinic

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