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Thinking Of IVF? Know More About The IVF Treatment Cost In India

IVF treatments have come a long way since the birth of the world’s first ‘test-tube baby.’ Infertile couples have not let infertility stand in their way, and sought out IVF treatment in Mumbai and other cities. A major question that most infertile couples considering IVF have is ‘What is the IVF treatment cost in India?’ Being a subjective medical treatment, calculating the cost depends largely on the program you have opted for, as well as the nature of your condition. Let’s discuss aspects of IVF, which affect the program and the cost of IVF in Mumbai.

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What is IVF treatment in India?

During the IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) treatment, the female partner’s eggs are retrieved and fertilized in the lab, by her partner’s sperm or donor’s sperm. The fertilized embryo is then transferred to her womb for implantation. This is a common form of ART (Artificial Reproductive Technology) which has helped numerous infertile couples become parents.

Types of IVF treatment

The types of IVF can determine the approximate cost of your treatment. Here are some of the types of IVF in India that infertile couples can choose from:

  • Traditional IVF

During traditional IVF, the female partner is given medication to stimulate her ovaries to release more eggs. These are then collected and fertilized in the lab.

  • Mild Cycle IVF

This a great option for patients whose bodies can’t handle the strain of normal dosage of IVF medication. Only a limited amount of medication is given, in which the number of eggs released are lesser, but put the body under lesser strain.

  • Natural Cycle IVF

 No medication is given in this case, which means only one egg is released. Only done by experts, the sole egg is retrieved. The success rates are naturally lower in this form of IVF.

  • IVF with Donor egg

 IVF with Donor egg involves retrieving an anonymous donor’s egg, which is fertilized in the lab and transferred to the female partner. Few IVF clinics offer this, as it must be done with an experienced touch.

IVF Treatment 

Factors Influencing the Cost of IVF In India

The cost of IVF in each person’s case is different. Let’s look at the factors involving cost calculation.

  • Location:

The cost of IVF depends on the location. Each city in India has a different average IVF rate, which also differs from country to country. If IVF in your city does not suit your budget, you could consider travelling to another city for IVF.

  • Age and Fertility:

The age of the woman and fertility rate have an impact on the cost. Older women or women with low fertility may have to undergo more IVF cycles than usual, which increase the cost.

  • Type of IVF:

 Mild and Natural Cycle IVF costs are more affordable than Traditional IVF, since lesser IVF medication is involved. On the other hand, IVF with a donor egg or sperm will cost more, since an extra element is added.

  • Fertility Tests:

 Women who have a pre-diagnosed condition are asked to undergo certain tests, which increase the cost. For example, Endometriosis or PCOD patients are recommended AMH tests to check the quality and quantity of eggs in the ovarian reserve. These tests can also increase costs.

When it comes to any medical treatment, it is vital to choose a clinic that gives you high quality, numerous IVF treatment benefits, and expertise of the doctors. At IVF Spring, our focus is on keeping the cost of IVF in Mumbai as affordable as possible, while not compromising on the standard of treatments. The success rates our experts have achieved speak for themselves. After all, you should never settle for anything but the best.

The cost of IVF depends on a large number of factors, each playing a large part in calculating an estimate. While patients often come with a budget in mind, what truly matters is the quality of treatments that are offered, as well as the measure of safety and ethics provided to you.


The fertility treatments at IVF Spring, Mumbai, India, promote excellence and compassion, enabling infertile couples all over to fulfill their dream. Our team efficiently diagnoses your issue and understands your treatment goals, working together to provide trustworthy, safe, and cost-effective treatments. To get in touch with our counsellor, call 9920095500. Alternatively, you can send an email to enquiry@ivfspring.com or click the link below, to book an appointment

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