egg freezing

freeze eggs, embryos or sperm

What happens when you freeze eggs, embryos or sperm

Embryo Freezing: IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a scientific process of collection of sperms and eggs separately from male and female partner respectively and then fertilizing them together to create healthy embryos and then replacing them into the female partner’s uterus. There is a growing tendency to freeze sperm or eggs or even the Embryo…
Egg freezing

Importance of Opting for Egg Freezing

Egg freezing: There was a time when women used to marry and settle down early in their lives and focus on having a child. However, the life of modern women has changed drastically over the decades and most women tend to postpone having children for a later stage in their lives. While it is true…
Egg Freezing

All you should know about Egg Freezing

Exploring Egg Freezing and Associated Aspects For people planning a pregnancy at a later stage in their life, fertility preservation proves to be useful. The convenience of preserving your young age fertility for a later pregnancy makes this process popular with a lot of people going for it. Fertility preservation is comprised of different methods…