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With True Detective meandering around its own navel, we’re looking for solvable mysteries any place we can find them. So apologies to Amy Schumer for Sherlock Holmesing all over her casual weekend getaway to the Hamptons.

But after her appearance on last night’s The Daily Show, there are questions to be answered. Here’s the setup: Last weekend, the Trainwreck star set the world aflame with an Instagrammed photo of her and Jennifer Lawrence jet skiing. Brains melted.

Each year, Schumer takes a trip to Martha’s Vineyard with her high school friends. But as she puts it to Stewart, this year they couldn’t go back. Whatever happened last year left them “banned” from the vacation destination. So they settled on the Hamptons, met up with Lawrence, and the rest is tabloid history. What caused the ban?

Stewart pries, but Schumer stays mum. It’s possible Schumer was joking when she gave her reasoning for swapping the Hamptons for Martha’s Vineyard. Maybe she didn’t want to offend the welcoming Massachusetts community. Maybe it was easier to Uber Copter out to the South Fork. But Esquire isn’t taking the revelation lightly. Schumer left little footprint of her 2014 stay at the Vineyard. At the time, the Boston Globe reported that it “spotted” the comedian “hanging out with pals.” As far as ban-worthy behavior is concerned, there are these photographs, fed into circulation by the offender herself.

Fox News on Tuesday night revealed the 10 GOP candidates who will square off in the primetime debate this coming Thursday. There are currently 17 candidates running for the Republican nomination for president.

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