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All you should know about Egg Freezing

Exploring Egg Freezing and Associated Aspects

For people planning a pregnancy at a later stage in their life, fertility preservation proves to be useful. The convenience of preserving your young age fertility for a later pregnancy makes this process popular with a lot of people going for it. Fertility preservation is comprised of different methods based on the gender of the individual. In females, egg freezing is one of the methods used to preserve fertility. Primitively, it was developed for female cancer patients in order to prevent the harmful effects posed by cancer to the reproductive system. However, it is now gaining popularity among normal women as well. Here’s more to it.

Facts of Egg Freezing Procedure | Female Fertility Preservation

Here are some commonly raised concerns that you need to know about egg freezing.

Reasons for Egg Freezing

The most common reason is to preserve fertility in the future. Women who are occupied with career commitments, pursuing academics, or indulged in fulfilling other personal goals go for egg freezing. Preserving young-age fertility is convenient and it reduces fertility concerns occurring out of reduced reproductive capacity owing to growing age.

Benefits of Egg Freezing?

  • Preserves the required number and quality of eggs that further deplete due to growing age.
  • It creates the space to focus on career and/ or personal goals, while you secure your quality eggs in a lab.
  • With regard to fertility, it helps you stop the biological clock.
  • It is a tried and tested process with a lot of successful cases.


Who should consider egg freezing and for how long can the eggs be preserved?

Women intending to delay childbearing, diagnosed with cancer, and who oppose embryo freezing owing to moral/ religious reasons. Eggs can be preserved for several years.

Egg Freezing Process

  • Hormone Stimulation: Done for 2 weeks to retrieve eggs from the ovaries. The lady is taught how to self-inject the medicine. It allows maturation of 6-15 eggs for retrieval.
  • Egg Collection: The patient is anesthetized for egg retrieval. Patients can return home in an hour’s time and are advised to take rest at home.
  • Egg Freezing: This is the final stage. Fluids are taken out to prevent crystal formation or any other damage and are preserved. Further, the process also allows egg fertilization by combining it with a sperm in a lab for future purpose.

Egg Freezing Success Rate

It isn’t certain; though technological advancements have improved the success rate. Age is an important factor in determining the success rate. Hence, it is advised to go for egg freezing before turning 35.

Why IVF Spring?

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